24hrs Car Tyre Puncture Repair & Replacement in Singapore

While in the midst of driving, you realize the whole car went side way, hard to control and steering wheel vibrate vigorously. The most common issue with commercial and passenger vehicles is Car Tyre Puncture.


We provide 24hrs Car Tyre Replacement and Car Tyre Puncture Repair service. For your car tyre puncture issue using professional equipment to ensure that it fixes your flat tyre within minutes without delaying your time. Going extra miles for our customers is our standard core value hence, we will ensure that the issue will be resolve no matter what.

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Our Procedure to Diagnose and Perform Car Tyre Repair

Calling for our 24hrs Car Tyre Replacement and Car Tyre Puncture Repair service is not that difficult. But we do know that you want to understand our procedure as you don’t want any amateur and inexperience mechanics to handle your issue because it could worsen or not even solve your problem.


Below is our procedure for checking but if you need more information, you can always call us:


Contacted Us

Call us and tell us about your car tyre issue, best if you can provide us your vehicle model.

Price Information
Our mechanic will quote the price of car tyre repair and take your address so we can proceed down to your location.

Onsite Assessment
We will assess your car tyre condition and advice you.

Executing Repair Work
After assessment, we will perform either Car Tyre Repair or Car Tyre Replacement.

Cash or NETS Payment
Once it is done, we will receive your payment.


If your tyre is beyond repair and you do not have any spare tyre, we will loan you our spare tyre. Towing service will require if we do not have you vehicle tyre size.

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What to do if Car Tyre Punctured?

Flat tyre is unavoidable as we would not know the tiny objects on the road like sharp nails, glass shards and stones. At the same time, you might want to maintain your car tyres so that you will not encounter car tyre punctured circumstances.


So, what if your car tyre punctured while you are driving? Well simple, try to pull over as soon as possible where you can safely stop and call for car tyre Puncture repair service. If you ignore the warning that your tyre is giving you and continue to drive long distance with high speed, you might make it worst and even ruin your rim which will cost your greatly.


Try to always put a spare tyre in your car so that even if the tyre is not repairable, the service man will still be able to perform car tyre replacement provided that they have the equipment like us! To avoid inconvenience, you might want to contact us for 24hrs car tyre repair or replacement service.

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Additional Service for Your Car Tyre

If car tyre puncture repair is not possible due to ignoring the condition like, continue to drive after it is punctured or rim is damage, we do support 24hrs car tyre replacement service as well.


However, if there is no spare tyre on your vehicle for our car tyre replacement service, we are able to loan out our spare tyre to you. But what if you have those “special” kind of rim that emergency recovery company don’t have? No worries, we still have our exclusive partner towing company ready to save you.


Our loaner spare tyre unit are subject to availability. Our mechanics will advise the time to return but if you require more time, do kindly speak to our mechanics to arrange the best possible time to return.


Due to high demand and fraud cases, you will require to put a deposit of $50 SGD. Deposit will return once our loaner spare tyre has been taken back.