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24hrs Emergency Car Battery Jump Start Service in Singapore

At times, your car's engine won't start upon ignition, perhaps due to internal problems. Possibly, the battery has been exhausted either because you've left headlights or internal lights on, forgot to turn off the radio for a long time, or because your car battery has reached its life span. Regardless of the root cause, we have your back by offering the quick and best car battery jump start services in Singapore at the best price.

Car Battery Jump Start Service

Swift Battery Specialist delivers trusted car battery jump-start services in Singapore. When a customer requests our car jump-start services, we make sure to arrive at their location within 30 minutes. We quickly assess the battery performance and alert indicators on the dashboard cluster before jump-starting the car.

In addition, it is advised that after a successful jump-start, the car be left on for about 40 minutes or driven for about 10–15 kilometers. Our jump-start service specialists are available to assist you anywhere in Singapore, 24/7.


Car Tyre Repair Procedure

Swift Battery is specialized and highly experienced in providing onsite car battery jump start services. When you are stuck on the road with a discharged or depleted car battery, we are at your service any time and any place in Singapore. Our professionals will reach your location and recharge your drained battery which provides additional power to power up your car’s ignition system. Once we finish jump start your car, the automatic charging system will be activated and it restore power back into the car battery.

Our mechanics are armed with all required equipment and have all the necessary skills, expertise and experience to execute on-spot car battery jump start service. If you are stuck on the middle of your journey with a faulty battery, don’t hesitate to contact us on +65 8858 9959

Look at our Car Battery Jump Start Service Procedure:

  • 01

    Contact US

    Once you have call us at +65 8858 9959 or email us, we will ask for the issue you are having and vehicle make and model.

  • 02


    On phone, our technician asks several questions related to your battery issue to diagnose the cause of failure.

  • 03


    Based on the diagnosis our technician will present a competitive quote for your car battery issue.

Process Checklist
  • 04

    Onsite Service

    Once reached your location, our mechanics will perform a check on your CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) value to determine your battery status.

  • 05


    If the car battery jump start and replacement are not possible, our experienced mechanic will recommend you to go for a car towing service.

  • 06

    Resolution and Payment

    After issue has been resolved, we will accept your payment by NETS or Cash.

SIDE NOTE: If the CCA (Cold Cranking Amp) is under a certain value, you will have to perform car battery replacement else, the symptom will still persist in the future even after doing car battery jump start service because the battery will not be able to hold the charge. You will have to spend extra money again! You definitely do not want that to happen!

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The Danger Of Doing Car Battery Jump Start Yourself

Car battery jump start is considerably cost-efficient but did you know that it has a negative side also? Yes, it is sometimes risky to jump start your car because if you don’t execute the necessary checks appropriately, then you risk damaging your car’s other equipment or perhaps causing a blast.

Doing car battery jump start sounds and look easy but bear that in mind that, car circuit board and electronics are all very sensitive to electrical current. For example, if the car battery has been bypassed and you do a battery jump start, it will cause some circuit board to short circuit or burn out. At that point in time, you will have to spend a few hundreds of dollars to replace it rather than that small amount of jump start service money.

It is possible to cause serious injury to yourself with an explosion if you are unaware of the battery's physical status, such as leakage or crack, or fail to practice any basic safety precautions. That is how dangerous it can be!

Do not save that few dollars of money and cause such things to happen. Just contact us and leave this matter to our professional to assist you.

Car Electric System

Guide To Do Car Battery Jump Start

Still, after much advice about the danger of car battery jump start and you wish to do it yourself to save that cost, let us understand the step by step procedure along with the required equipment for jump-starting your car. Follow our guide below:

A Jumper car and jump cables

The main thing you will need to jump-start your car is a jumper car for connecting the cables. Pull the jumper car next to your car with a dead battery and make sure both the cars are turned off. You will need 2 cables – red and black for positive and negative terminals which are long enough to reach both the cars.

Safety Measures

It is advisable to take utmost safety measures while jump-starting a car and only do it if you have enough knowledge or experience. Kids or elder citizens should stay away from the location while this whole procedure is being carried out.

Cable Connection

Wire connections are always made in a predefined way, i.e., connect the positive terminal (Red) of the cable with the positive terminal of the battery and negative terminal (Black) of the cable with the negative terminal of the battery. Repeat the procedure with the jumper car.

The end

After proper placement of jump cables in both cars, it’s now time to charge the battery. Start the jumper car and leave it running for 2-3 minutes while it charges the car with a drained battery. After this, start your car while it is still connected to the jumper car and if it doesn't start, wait for a few minutes and try again. Finally, cautiously disconnect the jump cables in the reverse order from their arrangement in both the cars.

After the complete procedure, it is been advised to keep the car running for at least 30 minutes and give the battery the time to charge itself.

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