Swift Battery Specialist Our Services

Car break down due to car battery faulty, car tyre punctured or even car battery lack of power could make your day from bad to worst. Swift Battery Specialist provide our professional advisory and skills to you without making things worst or spoil other equipment in your car, we do it with extra care with our best battery product. Don’t hesitate to ask us more about our services, we would be glad to help you!

We offer 24Hrs Support For All Car Battery And Tyre Repair Services, Call Us Now!


Replacement for your faulty and dead car battery!


Our car battery replacement service is not only for normal passenger cars, we provide car battery replacement for commercial vans and lorries too!


Find out more about our 24hrs car battery replacement process and advice

Jump Start

Revive your car battery with our Car Jump Start service.


If you do not wish to replace your car battery, we offer Car Jump Start service too! Our Professional mechanics will advice you more.


Find out more about our car jump start process and advice

Car Tyre

Repair your Punctured Car Tyre by patching the holes.


Changing a Tyre due to punctured hole cost will be high, engage us! we help to patch up your punctured car tyre!


Find out more about our tyre puncture repair process and advice