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Onsite Replace Car Battery at Competitive Price in Singapore

Swift Battery Specialist technicians are located throughout Singapore and are always available for 24hrs car battery replacement and installation. We are known for our speedy service; our arrival time is less than 30 minutes and service time is around 5 minutes.

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Our car battery installation specialists will first diagnose the cause of your car battery, and if they are still able to save it, they will switch over to a jumpstart service that cuts down on your cost without replacing the car battery. If your battery is old enough or if it’s cracked or leaking in that case our specialist will replace the car battery.

Our Timeline for The Services

Call for Onsite Battery Service
Call Us
(1-2 mins)
Our services are available to you 24*7, at any time of the year, including holidays. As a result, you can contact us if you are in an emergency scenario in an unfamiliar region or even when your car is experiencing problems. Simply set aside 1-2 minutes of your time to call us and explain to us about your car’s problem as well as your location.
Ontime Arrival
Arrival Time
(30-40 mins)
We will assess your issue after receiving your call and our team will prepare itself to arrive at the address you have provided. We can travel to any unknown or remote spot in Singapore. We will reach your area in no more than 30-40 minutes, if not less, and the time will simply depend on the location.
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(5-10 mins)
After arriving at your location, our team will examine the condition of your car and if necessary, will replace the battery; otherwise, we will just jumpstart it. Our crew will arrive with all of the necessary tools and equipment to ensure a successful process. The entire procedure will take no longer than 5-10 minutes.

Our Procedure To Change Car Battery

Often people do not trust amateur mechanics to meddle with your vehicle as they might make other equipment faulty or wasting your precious time but, we are a group of specialist in Singapore to replace car battery with tons of experience and of course to emphasize, Swift Battery Specialist focus on the 5 values to enhance and deliver our services to handle 24hrs car battery replacement service just for you!

Here are some procedure and steps on how we handle our dedicated customers:

  • 01

    Engage Us

    Stuck on the road with a dead battery, just call at +65 8858 9959 to engage us for onsite help.

  • 02

    Issue Verification

    On the call, we verify the cause of the fault and note down the vehicle make and model, and pass it to our engineer.

  • 03


    Our team examines the issue and determines whether to perform a car battery replacement or a jump start.

  • 04


    We will provide a detailed quote at the best price and estimated arrival time at your location.

Process Checklist
  • 05

    Onsite Service

    Our technicians are equipped with the necessary equipment to execute onsite battery repair.

  • 06


    Our technician conducts thorough testing once the repair work is done and assure no further action is needed.

  • 07


    We ask you to test your car once we are confident with the work and testing.

  • 08


    Once you are OK with the service, you can make payment for the service.

Any issue faced after car battery installation or replacement, call us again. Our product comes with a 1 year warranty.

*Do note that different vehicle make and model requires different battery size. Battery price might varies.

When To Replace Car Battery?

Repalcing Car Battery Onsite

Normally, the life span tends to be over 5 years however, if you were to drive on a daily basis it would be good that you replace car battery every 2 years.

When your battery is about to die off you will experience a number of issues that include:

  • When starting your vehicle, the cranking of your engine takes longer than usual.
  • Little or no power to your vehicle accessories.
  • Interior lights start to flicker when you are starting the engine.
  • Interior lights and headlights become dimmer.
  • You have done battery jump start numerous times.

If you experience the above symptom(s), it’s time for new car battery installation soon!

If you wish to check your battery health, get in touch with us to book an appointment anytime. We diagnose your car battery health and if needed we will replace the car battery.

Get 1 Year Warranty On Car Battery
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How to Prevent Car Battery Being Drained Off?

There are many factors that affect your car’s battery life. The battery eventually drains off if your car is not in use for a long period of time. Another cause might be the car alternator. If the alternator is not functioning properly, then eventually your car battery will drain off gradually.

Many people do not know what the causes are, leading them to repeat the issue over and over again. Let us share our knowledge on how to avoid unintentionally draining your battery's energy power.

Prevent Car Battery From Drain

Affordable Change of Car Battery Price

We at Swift Battery Specialists, use the best, reputed and trusted battery brands owing to the market standards which provide a better driving experience. We provide a good quality battery at an affordable price, our battery price ranges from $120 to $600 based on the vehicle model. Our change car battery service price is as low as $50. Hence now you can get car battery replacement services at your place at a very reasonable price.


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