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Car Battery Replacement in Singapore

  • High customer satisfaction (Ratings – 4.9/5)
  • More than 20,000 satisfied customers
  • Quick response time (Less than 5 minutes)
  • Brand new genuine battery with 1-year warranty
  • Available 24*7 whole year, even on public holidays
  • Affordable rates
  • Highly recognized and established firm
  • Team of highly skilled and experienced mechanics
  • Minimum reach time at any location in Singapore
  • Cutting edge technologies and tools

ABOUT Your Car Battery Specialist

Founded in 2016 Swift Battery emerged as one of the most trusted car battery replacement companies in Singapore. Apart from replacing car battery, we specialize in car battery jump-start, tyre repair, and tyre replacement. With more than 20,000 satisfied customers across Singapore, we continue providing our professional services at affordable rates. Our highly-skilled, experienced, and friendly technicians utilize cutting-edge technology and equipment to perform onsite services. Our team had performed car battery replacement for various vehicles, including cars, trucks, vans, lorries, and supercars. So if you are stuck with a faulty battery on-road anywhere in Singapore just give us a call for prompt onsite repair services.

Round the Clock Services

Our technicians are available in every part of Singapore, so once you call us for assistance the nearest service engineer will be at your location within 20 to 45 or even earlier. They always carry all necessary tools and equipment to perform car battery replacement, jump start, or tyre repair services. If you are stuck with a dead battery then we offer an affordably priced battery from leading brands such as Excide, Mutlu, Deta, and Globatt. Rest assured all our batteries come up with a 1 year no question asked warranty for petrol and diesel cars. Replacing car battery will hardly take 10 minutes, so you can back on track in just 30 to55 minutes once you engaged with us. Our engineers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, including public holidays, so we are always there for any emergency battery or tyre related problems.

What Keep Us Motivated?

We love what we are doing, this keeps us motivated in providing outstanding service and complete work satisfaction to our clients. Singaporean trust Swift Battery Specialist because of transparency in our service and our commitment to providing highly trained and friendly staff, branded battery, 100% branded parts, 12 months battery warranty, competitive rates, easy payment options, and hassle-free services.

Give us a call on +65 8858 9959 for 24hrs car battery replacement or tyre repair services. People living in Singapore rely on Swift Battery for quality service at an affordable rate. We offer reasonable price car batteries, still, keep in mind the price may vary based on battery brand and type of vehicle. For any time roadside assistance talk to our experts at +65 8858 9959 or visit the contact us page to explore other contact options!

Our Work Process

Getting late for your scheduled meeting because of a car battery breakdown? Contact us to get the best onsite jump start service or car battery replacement in Singapore. Our streamlined work process enable us to finish the job on-time.


If your car doesn’t start even with the adequate fuel, this can be sign of a dead battery, alternator problem or loose cable connection. If you hear whining sound when you are trying to start your car, this is a clear indication that your battery have a problem, you need a battery expert at your site.

Call +65 8858 9959

Call us immediately on +65 8858 9959 for emergency car battery inspection. Once you are on a call with our technicians, they will gather all the necessary information such as your location, car makes and model, registration and battery model to provide roadside assistance.

On-Site Assistance

Our on-site assistance team will be there at your location to diagnose the battery problem. Our team has extensive experience in fixing all types of batteries and vehicles. With Swift Battery Specialist, you are assured that your car battery replacement will be done by highly skilled technicians.

Back on Track

In just 45 minutes our battery technicians will diagnose and fix the dead or damaged car battery problem. So, once the work is done you can get back on track to reach your destination. All our car batteries come up with no question asked one year warranty.

Why Choose Swift Battery to Replace Car Battery?

Best and Affordable Battery Price
Best and Affordable Battery Price

We supply 100% genuine and branded car batteries at a competitive rate to our customers. Our team is ready for emergency car battery replacement assistance whenever is needed. We guarantee the best services at affordable rates.

Immediate and fast response
Immediate and fast response

The perk of our services is the fastest response throughout in Singapore. When you call us for assistance Swift Battery team won’t let you stranded on the road, our team will be at your location as soon as possible to fix the car problem.

24/7 Islandwide Support
24/7 Islandwide Support

Islandwide service in Singapore with no closing time. We are working 24/7 and 365 days a year, we are also working on public holidays. When we receive a call for any of our services, our team promises to arrive at your location at the fastest pace.

Professional Car Mechanics
Professional Car Mechanics

All our mechanics are well-trained, experienced, and experts when it comes to battery or tyre problems. We are proficient in replacing car battery, tyre puncture and tyre replacement. Quick response and professional service we are known for.

Truthful and Transparent
Truthful and Transparent

Swift battery specialist takes pride in our integrity and does not quote unreasonable prices. All pricing will be quote upfront so you can get an exact idea about the cost of the services.

All Our Car Battery Comes With 1 Year Warranty


We provide onsite services to save your precise time when you are stuck with your car on the road. Our onsite team is always prepared for car battery replacement, car battery jump start, and car tyre repair services anywhere in Singapore.


We supply reputable car battery brands like Exide, Mutlu, Deta, and Globatt. We guarantee competitive rates on branded care batteries we supply. All batteries come with one year warranty for petrol and diesel cars.


Do you have any questions or concerns about our services? Visit our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page to get answers to the most common questions our customers might have. Click on the read more button that drives you to our FAQs page.


For swift response, call us on +65 8858 9959 or CLICK HERE to email us! To find out other contact options click on READ MORE button. Visit our social media pages on Facebook, Carousell, Twitter, and Instagram to read our client experience about our services.

24x7x365 Emergency Car Battery Replacement in Singapore


No matter where you are, no matter what time, no matter what battery you are using – Swift Battery Specialist is just a call away and our expert technician will be at your home, office, or wherever you are! We operate all days and even on public holidays which ensures that you will get prompt car battery replacement services any time of day and any day of the year. Our mechanics will quickly diagnose the problems and replace them on the spot. We have hands-on experience with car battery installation and fixing battery problems in almost all makes and models of any cars and supercars including SUV, XUV, and sedan.

Swift Battery is the most trusted name in Singapore for fixing onsite car battery and tyre related problems at the best price. Car break down can ruin your day therefore we select the best option while replacing your car battery. We use only trusted products that meet industry standards. Visit our product page to know about what battery brands we use and recommend. Call our technicians now, they will examine, diagnose and replace car battery as you needed. Apart from car battery replacement we also offer professional car tyre puncture repairs and car battery jump-start services.

Average battery life is 3 years, so if you think your battery reached its lifespan then it’s advisable to opt for our change car battery service before it ended up anywhere in the middle of the road. If your battery works well even after its specified lifespan it’s recommended to have it inspected before it stuck you on the road. In case, you got stuck on the road with a defective or dead battery not to worry our technicians are just a call away, they will be at your location to safely replace car battery.

So if you are in need of emergency onsite car battery replacement services then give us a call on +65 8858 9959 and our team will be there within 20-45 minutes based on your location.

Know Your Car Battery Needs

When do need an instant Car Battery Replacement?

Instant car battery replacement

If your car’s battery is 3 or more years old, you should definitely replace it. Talking about any emergency conditions, if your car battery shows any signs or indications like your engine taking time to start, car lights getting dim, any unusual smell or cranking noise, then you should immediately decide to replace your car battery. If your car battery experiences issues all the time, then it has probably become weak and you need to change it instantly.

When do you need a Jumpstart?

Man Holding Battery Jumper

There are many conditions in which you can just jumpstart your car and restore the battery power. You can opt for Jumpstarting if your car battery isn’t much older because a new car’s battery won’t be that weak. The battery gets the power to operate with the help of the alternator. Hence if your alternator is not much damaged then jumpstarting your car may help. If the alternator and engine are in good working order, you wouldn’t require replacing the car battery unless it is defective.

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