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Swift Battery Frequently Asked Questions

Need to clarify questions without calling in or email to us? We have gathered those very frequently asked questions for Car Battery replacement, Car Battery Jump Start and even Car Tyre Repair and replacement from our customer! But if there are questions you still need to ask or can’t bother to read, just give us a call and our professional car mechanics will advice you.

General Enquiries

  • Do you operate 24hrs for all services?

    Yes, we operate 24hrs for 365 days even on public holiday.

  • Do you provide service to motorbike as well?

    Unfortunately not, we only provide service for cars.

  • How soon is your arrival time and servicing time?

    Our aim is to arrival your location within 30 minutes time provided there is no abnormal road condition and we strive to aim complete servicing within 10 minutes.

  • What kind of car do Swift Battery Specialist service?

    All cars and vans, even super cars and super luxury cars except for heavy vehicle like, cement truck and etc.

  • What kind of payment mode do you accept?

    We accept only Cash and NETS. Our Credit card payment mode is under maintenance, once it is ready we will update on our website and all platform.

  • How can I contact Swift Battery Specialist with the fastest response?

    All of our platforms are 24hrs taken care of. You may call, sms, email, whatsapp, facebook messenger or carousell message us. Refer contact us page for more information.

  • Can I make an appointment instead of immediate servicing?

    Yes, you may email us, call us or use any contact point to book an appointment. Just speak to our mechanics your available time!

  • I tried calling you but no response, why is that so?

    Sometimes due to high demand of people requesting our service, some calls might be missed. You may try calling again or our mechanics will call you back within minutes. We Sincerely apologize for inconvenience.

Car Battery Replacement

  • My cranking sound is soft or loud, what happen?

    If soft cranking sound, very likely your car battery is faulty and you might want to consider changing it. If loud cranking sound, your fuel pump is faulty therefore, you will need to tow to a car workshop for servicing.

  • When I start my engine, there is only clicking sound. What happen?

    Your car starter might be faulty. You will need to replace and diagnose further by going to a car workshop.

  • What kind of battery brands does Swift Battery Specialist carry?

    We carry brands like Amaron and Drive battery. Check out more at our Products and Info page.

  • I suspect my car battery is faulty, can you come down to check?

    Yes, we are able to go down to your location for checks. After our advice, you can consider service it. However, if you do not want to service and the other equipment is faulty, there will be a $30SGD charges. If towing service is required, we will activate our exclusive towing partner but charges are separately charge.

  • What causes my car battery to be faulty?

    It might be you didn’t off car equipment, wear and tear or battery is defect.

  • Does your car battery have warranty included?

    Yes. Our battery provide 1 year for petrol car and 6 months for diesel car. See more at our product and info page for T&C.

  • Can I just buy the battery from Swift Battery Specialist and change it myself?

    Yes, we sell batteries separately if you want to do it yourself and there will be no onsite charges however, batteries purchases are only for self-collection only.

Car Jump Start

  • I only want to do Car Battery Jump Start but, what if problem persists after jump start?

    Checks and assessment will be done but, if jump start could not be done or there is risk doing so, Car Battery Replacement will require. Our mechanics will advice more if issue is due to other parts or equipment.

  • What if I only want to do jump start but, only replacing a car battery can solve my problem and I don’t want to replace?

    We will honor your decision however, there will be a $50SGD fee for servicing and transportation charges.

  • Can my car battery be jump start, will it cause other equipment to be faulty?

    It depends. Our mechanics will check on the possibility but if the battery is too old to do so, it is recommended to change else, problem will persist after a short while.

  • I only bought my battery recently, why do I need to perform jump start so soon?

    Might be you didn’t drive the car for too long causing auto discharge or battery might be faulty due to manufacturing defects. If battery is bought from us it comes with 1 year warranty for petrol car and 6 months for diesel car. See our products and info page for T&C.

Car Tyre Repair

  • Do you have equipment to repair my car tyre even I’m driving super car or super luxury car?

    Yes, we have experience in repairing super cars like Lamborghini, Maserati and etc or even super luxury car like Rolls-Royce.

  • What if my whole tyre burst?

    You will be to replace it with your spare tyre or you may rent a loaner unit from us.

  • My car tyre has a nail on it, possible to repair it?

    Yes, we will assist to repair your car tyre by patching it and you can use it till the tyre end of life.

  • Can I continue to drive if my car got hit by nail or other sharp objects?

    No, it is not recommended. If got hit by small nail, you will be still able to drive but try to engage us as soon as possible to patch it could damage the rim if the air has ran out and you continue to drive.

  • My tyre got hit by a very big nail, can it still be patch?

    Yes, no matter how big is the nail we can still repair it however, if your tyre got hit by a bigger object like metal plate causing the hole to be too big you will need to replace using a spare tyre.

Car Tyre Replacement

  • I need tyre replacement and I have my own spare tyre, do you provide replacement service?

    Yes, we provide the service and if you do not have any spare tyre, we will be able to loan u you our loaner unit.

  • How long can I loan your spare tyre?

    As soon as your car tyre have been repaired. Please discuss further with our mechanics.

  • What if I need your spare loaner unit and you don’t have it?

    We try our best to assist you and might even go extra mile to help you get your tyre repaired at our exclusive partner tyre. Charges are charge separately for repairing tyre. Ask our mechanics for more information.

  • Is there any charges to loan your spare tyre?

    Only deposit of $50-$80SGD depending on your car requirement. Deposit will be return to you once we have gotten back our loaner unit. Service charges are charge separately.

Other Enquiries

  • Is Swift Battery Specialist a new company?

    Swift Battery Specialist establish at early 2016. Our mechanics are trained by professionals in automobile industry.

  • Do we have a car workshop?

    Yes, we have opened our brand new workshop name “Swift Tyre Specialist” on Year 2019. For any car related repairs and servicing, you may find us at 8 Kaki Bukit Avenue 4, Premier@ kaki bukit, #05-35, Singapore 415875 (Gate 2)

  • What if I need your spare loaner unit and you don’t have it?

    We try our best to assist you and might even go extra mile to help you get your tyre repaired at our exclusive partner tyre. Charges are charge separately for repairing tyre. Ask our mechanics for more information.

  • Do you sell equipment or parts separately?

    No, but we can advice and recommend the items you wish to purchase at other store.

  • What if your mechanics make my other car equipment faulty?

    We will bear the repair cost if that happens. However, do rest assure as our mechanics are professional therefore, this case has never happen before and hope in the future too.

  • Can I go down to your Google map location for servicing?

    Please call our mechanics first before heading down to our location as the site are our standby area only. All our mechanics will be running around Singapore for servicing therefore, they will not be stationary there.