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Branded Car Battery by Swift Battery Specilaist

The type of battery used is important as some battery brands are better than others. There are many different types, from conventional car batteries to EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) and AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat). Going in-depth, there are many features to compare such as life span, reserve capacity and many more. It is common for people to replace it with unknown brands for a lower cost and convenience when they are unaware of it. We provide good brands with cheap car battery prices without making you worry. Replacing car battery due to a car breakdown is a hassle for anyone. Therefore, we researched and selected the best reputable and trusted brand that passes the market standard to make your day easier with our car battery replacement service!

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We supply reputable and trusted Car Battery Brand at Competitive Rate

Exide, What Drives You

Exide Battery Image

For more than six decades, Exide has been one of India’s most reliable brands, enjoying unrivalled reputation and recall. For their recognition of their quality that was achieved, RWTUV of Germany has awarded them with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for eco-friendly production processes. Exide has 9 factories located all over India and 7 out of the all are dedicated in producing batteries. Their R&D centre was setup in 1976 for manufacturing the best, durable and high performance battery.

All Exide batteries are factory charges and wet shipped for best performance and durability. They stringently follows international standards, designed for hot conditions, meets stringent OEM specifications of Global Giants and designed to meet standards of JIS, EN, SAE as applicable. It is also designed to suit bad road conditions due to vibration, old vehicle population and abusive conditions.

They have features like thicker cast high-performance plates that specially designed to hold charge longer, improved alloy composition for increase resistance to grid passivation. Their patented alloy and superior quality separators make it able to withstand extreme/harsh weather conditions for longer time.

  • Maintenance-free batteries with advanced Ca – Ca system
  • Long wet shelf life
  • Special paste formulation for positive and negative plates
  • Double-clad polyethylene and glass mat separation
  • Special Omega type cover design fitted with Venturi type chamber cover
  • Attractive cosmetics

Mutlu, Superior Fully Framed

Mutlu Battery Image

Mutlu Corporation has been in the market ever since year 1945 and started manufacturing batteries from year 1955. With their dedication to produce top quality, huge capacity and reliable customer service, they have become the biggest manufacturer in Turkey, Middle East and Eastern Europe.

Their batteries have 4 technologies for better durability and performance. Firstly, to offer long battery life, to adopt various atmospheric conditions and to increase heat resistance of batteries they have added different proportions of silver to calcium-lead alloys, secondly, using expanded metal (Ex-met) technology in grid production, thirdly, Continuous casting system that is being used for manufacturing negative plates of AGM batteries and lastly, punch machine and transformed to grids which mould can be designed as desired, grid pattern can also be designed and shaped accordingly.

  • Higher performance under severe climate and working conditions compared to standard batteries
  • Nearly 100% recycling capability of all products make MUTLU environmental friendly and sustainable
  • Maintenance-free product technology
  • Advanced Ca-Ca silver alloy grid technology
  • Up to 40% higher performance than standard batteries
  • More vibration resistant compared to standard batteries

Deta, Power Battery

Deta Image

Deta Car Battery, the Europe brand battery technology rapidly evolve providing more reliability, performance and efficiency for vehicles. They meticulously manufactured it to meet demanding requirement and expectation of car makers. With it’s competitive price and workmanship without neglecting their quality, it gain high confidence and growth in market.

The German technology once again rise with Deta Car Battery, giving end customer the best components and material. Made In Germany.

  • Top Charge Acceptance
  • Higher Cycle Life
  • More starting power
  • Very minimal maintenance
  • Accepted and approved by car manufacturers
  • Best durability and shelf life
  • 3DX Grid Technolog

Globatt, The Drive Within

Globatt Image

Globatt presents one of the best car batteries from its platform which has higher AH and the Cold cranking ampere that helps in boosting the car cranking power significantly. The battery built has been fully customized with the in-house technology named Ca-Ca-Tin developed with expanded metal that makes it maintenance free and highly durable!

Globatt car batteries are made up of German technology and they use highly effective batteries made up of high quality virgin lead which is sourced from the leading smelters of the world.

  • Well suited for stop start car models
  • Ca-Ca Tin and Ca-Ca Silver battery (MF & SMF)
  • Advanced grid technology with expanded metal
  • All the products come with the cast on strap plate in the centre
  • Each container has double chamber with condensation mechanism
  • It is loaded with the Magic eye and Flame arrestor
  • High quality virgin lead, chemicals and PP
  • Robust design to perform in all terrain conditions
  • Factory fully charged

Car Battery Warranty is Included,

1 Year Warranty for Petrol and Diesel cars!

Warranty Terms and Conditions :

Free replacement warranty in case of manufacturer defects only.

Car Battery warranty start from the purchase date

Car battery replacement won’t cover under warranty if you forgot to switch off the lights, equipment and, not limited to devices causes battery fault like car alternator not charging and etc.

There will be $50 SGD surcharge for warranty re-visit replacement.

Swift Battery Specialist has the right to make modifications to the eligibility criteria at any time.

Swift Battery Specialist will take care of dead car battery due to environmental reasons.

Purchase receipt is required for warranty exchange of car battery.