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24hrs Car Tyre Puncture Repair & Replacement in Singapore

While driving, you may notice that the vehicle is skewed to one side, making it difficult to manoeuvre and causing the steering wheel to rattle excessively. The most prevalent source of this problem is car tyre puncture, which occurs in all types of vehicles. When your automobile tyre begins to lose air pressure for whatever reason, there is a strong possibility of a puncture in the tyre. If you are stuck on the road with a flat tyre, you need an emergency car tyre repair. Call us on If you are stuck on the road with a flat tyre, you need an emergency car tyre repair. Call us on +65 8858 9959 for onsite assistance. for onsite assistance.

Swift Tyre Specialist is a profound tyre repair and replacement service provider in Singapore. If your car is punctured and you are not able to change the car tyre on your own then we are at your service. Our team of highly skilled and experienced car tyre specialists comes to your location to repair your car tyre. They carry all the necessary tools to perform spare car tyre replacement and car tyre puncture repair. If you don’t have a spare tyre then you can ask our technicians for a spare tyre, FYI: we carry a limited spare tyre. If in case you need a completely new tyre then we can ask our partner Swift Tyre Specialist to help you out in buying a brand new tyre. Our team work round the clock, so if you need emergency assistance then give us a call on +65 8858 9959 for 24hrs car tyre repair service.

At Swift Battery, we put customer satisfaction on the TOP priority. Our utmost goal is to help our clients to get back on the road safely. To do so our tyre specialists are armed with state-of-the-art equipment so they can diagnose the issue quickly and fix your flat tyre within the shortest time span. We operate 24×7, 365 days, and even on a public holiday, so you can talk to us for emergency car tyre repair and car tyre replacement anywhere in Singapore. Contact us now and we are happy to help you out.

Our Methodology for diagnosing and performing Car Tyre Repair

Calling for our 24hrs car tyre replacement and car tyre puncture repair service is not that difficult. But we do know that you want to understand our procedure as you don’t want any amateur and inexperienced mechanics to handle your issue because it could worsen or not even solve your problem.

Below is our procedure for checking but if you need more information, you can always call us:

You can call us anytime to discuss your Car Tyre issue and help us by elaborating on your vehicle’s details so that we can assist you in the best way possible.

Our mechanic will provide you with a quotation for your Car Tyre Repair and will collect your address to reach your location as soon as possible.

Our team will reach your provided location and they will inspect and advise you on the condition of your car's tyre.

Following the evaluation, we will either execute the Car Tyre Repair or Car Tyre Replacement procedure depending upon the tyre condition.

Once work is completed, we ask you to review the work and if satisfied we will ask you to make payment.

If your tyre is beyond repair and you do not have any spare tyre, we will loan you our spare tyre. Towing service will require if we do not have your vehicle tyre size.

Onsite Car Tyre Repair Services in Singapore

What should you do if your Car Tire is punctured?

You can get frequent tyre punctures if you have damaged valve stems or if the inner tube of your tyre gets damaged due to sharp objects like nails or glass pieces lying on the road. Hence it is very important to sustain your car tyre to escape any emergencies.

Even after taking utmost care, if you still run into a car tyre puncture situation while driving, then you should definitely park your car aside and call us immediately to avail our car tyre puncture repair service. If you continue to disregard the warning signs that you are getting from your car tyre and continue to drive long distances at high speeds, you risk worsening your car tyre’s predicament and maybe ruining your rim, which will cost you a lot of money.

It’s advisable to keep a spare tyre in your car so that even if the tyre is not repairable, our serviceman will still be able to perform car tyre replacement. If you are not comfortable in replacing a spare tyre on your own then you can contact us for 24hr car tyre repair or replacement service.

Additional Service for Your Car Tyre

If car tyre puncture repair is not possible due to ignoring the condition like, continue to drive after it is punctured or the rim is damaged, we do support a 24hrs car tyre replacement service as well.

However, if there is no spare tyre on your vehicle for our car tyre replacement service, we are able to loan out our spare tyre to you. But what if you have those “special” kind of rim that emergency recovery company don’t have? No worries, we still have our exclusive partner towing company ready to save you.

Our loaner spare tyre unit is subject to availability. Our mechanics will advise the time to return but if you require more time, do kindly speak to our mechanics to arrange the best possible time to return.

Due to high demand and fraud cases, you will require to put in a deposit of $50 SGD. The deposit will return once our loaner spare tyre has been taken back.

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