24hrs Emergency Car Battery Jump Start Service in Singapore

Maintaining a car in Singapore cost will be high, everybody would want to have the lowest repair cost if Car Break Down. If the break down is due to the Car battery, the first comes to mind is to execute Car Battery Jump Start.


Why choose Swift Battery Specialist? Because we specialize in these services in this industry to provide 24hrs battery jump start service and our skillful mechanics will meticulously assess your vehicle battery condition before executing the car battery jump start procedure.


If executing Car battery jump start without proper knowledge and skill, your vehicle equipment or your personal life will be at risk!

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24hrs Car Battery

Our Car Battery Jump Start Service Procedure

When a Car battery is faulty, the first thing that comes to mind is to either replace it or do a battery jump start but, you would not know which will be the better course of action. You might even think by doing a battery jump start will help in resolving the issue but what if the issue does not lie within the battery? These assessments are not as easy as it is hence; look for a 24hrs car battery jump start service company to assure your doubts.


Swift Battery Specialist does not take our own selfishness to other people’s accounts. We charge accordingly to the service we perform after rectifying the issue. Look at our Car Battery Jump Start service procedure:


Found Us

Once you have call us at +65 8858 9959 or email us at enquiry@swiftbatteryspecialist.sg, we will ask for the issue you are having and vehicle make and model.

Phone diagnosis will be done for your vehicle battery issue.

Pricing will be quote upfront for the assumed vehicle battery issue and we will take your site address from you.

Onsite Service
Once reached your location, our mechanics will perform a check on your CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) value to determine your battery status.

If our mechanic advice, neither car battery jump start nor car battery replacement cannot be done we will follow up for car towing service if agreed.

Resolution and Payment
After issue has been resolved, we will accept your payment by NETS or Cash.


If the CCA (Cold Cranking Amp) is under a certain value, you will have to perform car battery replacement else, the symptom will still persist in the future even after doing car battery jump start service because the battery will not be able to hold the charge. You will have to spend extra money again! You definitely do not want that to happen!

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The Danger Of Doing Car Battery Jump Start Yourself

By doing Car Battery Jump Start is always cost saving but, what if we tell you that it will damage your other car equipment or explosion will occur if proper check is not done properly and correctly?


Doing Car Battery Jump Start sounds and look easy but bear that in mind that, car circuit board and electronics are all very sensitive to electrical current. For example, if the car battery has been bypassed and you do a battery jump start, it will cause some circuit board to short circuit or burn out. At that point in time, you will have to spend a few hundreds of dollars to replace it rather than that small amount of jump start service money.


If you are not aware of the battery’s physical status like leakage or crack, or you do not practice the basic safety precaution, you might even cause injury to yourself with an explosion. That is how dangerous it can be!


Do not save that few dollars of money and cause such things to happen. Just contact us and leave this matter to our professional to assist you.

24hrs car jump start
car battery jump start service
24hrs car battery jump start service

Guide To Do Car Battery Jump Start

Still, after much advice about the danger of car battery jump start and you wish to do it yourself to save that cost, let us guide you through how to execute it in a proper manner. Follow our guide below:


Jump cables


You will need the basic item! Get a Jump start cable with sufficient length that will be able to reach from one car to another. Best if you could purchase a 3 to 6-meter long cable as there need to be a certain distance between both cars.




Kids and people who are not involved in the execution should not stay near the area. Do not touch the jumper clamps and in case of spark, wear safety goggles and rubber gloves if possible to prevent electric shock and injury.


Vehicle Placing


Park both cars near each other but do not collide, try not to stay too close and preferably leaving each other around 1 meter. Put both vehicles in Park or Neutral mode with handbrake activated.


Connecting Jumper Cable


Simply just connect the red cable to “+” positive between the dead battery and the functioning battery. Then, connect the “-“ negative to the functioning battery but the other end connect to a non-painted metal anywhere in the engine compartment.


Charging the dead battery


Now, start the functioning car and wait for 1 to 5 minutes to allow the dead battery to charge up. Revving the engine may help assist in charging. After a short while, try starting the dead battery vehicle and if it fails again, waits and try again.


If after numerous tries of Car Battery Jump Start and it is still not working, you might need to call for Car Battery Replacement specialist to diagnose your issue. If it is working, please remove the jumper cable carefully. Drive the revived battery vehicle for a while to allow it to charge up.