24Hrs Emergency Car Battery Replacement In Singapore

Swift battery specialists are stationed all over Singapore providing 24hrs car battery servicing and car battery installation services. Our 24hrs car battery replacement service speed is as fast as 5 minutes time and arrival time within 30 minutes.


For each opportunity given to us, we will cherish it by offering you the lowest pricing and our best selected battery brand for recognition and reputation in this market.


Our 24hrs car battery installation Specialist will diagnose your break down issue before any action is done. If we are still able to save your vehicle battery, we will switch over to our Jump Start Service for saving your cost without replacing the car battery.

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Our Car Battery Replacement Service Procedure

Often people do not trust amateur mechanics to meddle with your vehicle as they might make other equipment faulty or wasting your precious time but, we are a group of specialist in Singapore to replace car battery with tons of experience and of course to emphasize, Swift Battery Specialist focus on the 5 values to enhance and deliver our services to handle 24hrs car battery replacement service just for you!


Here are some procedure and steps on how we handle our dedicated customers:


Engaged Us

You found us and you call us at +65 8858 9959 or email to enquiry@swiftbatteryspecialist.sg to engage services.

Issue Verification
We verify your breakdown issue and taking note of your vehicle make and model.

We determine whether to replace the car battery or execute jump start.

We will then quote you our best change car battery price upfront and tell you the estimated arrival time probably around 20-45 mins.

Onsite Service
Once reached onsite, the physical check will be done using our professional equipment to confirm again whether is the battery fault or other equipment fault.

We advise you of the issue and execute using the best appropriate action(s) for your beloved car.

After our servicing or car battery installation service is done, which is within 5-10 mins, we will advice to start your engine.

Once the issue has been resolved, we will gladly receive your payment.


Any issue faced after our car battery installation and replacement services, you may call us again. Our product comes with 1-year warranty.


Do note that different vehicle make and model requires different battery size. Battery price might varies.

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When To Replace Car Battery

Normally, the life span tends to be over 5 years however, if you were to drive on a daily basis it would be good that you replace car battery every 2 years.


When your battery is about to die off you will experience a number of issue that includes:


  • When starting your vehicle, the cranking of your engine takes longer than usual.
  • Little or no power to your vehicle accessories.
  • Interior lights start to flicker when you are starting the engine.
  • Interior lights and headlights become dimmer.
  • You have done battery jump start numerous times.


If you experience the above symptom(s), it’s time for new car battery installation soon!


If you wish to check your battery health, you might want to contact us and book an appointment with us anytime as we provide replace car battery services!

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How To Prevent Car Battery Being Drained Off

Many people do not know what is the causes leading them to repeat the issue over again. Let us share the knowledge on how to prevent your battery energy power from being drained off unknowingly. If you know it, share it with your friends now!


Lights and Accessories


Basically, don’t forget to off all your interior lights and headlights or any powered device after driving else, it will be drained off.


Dashboard Battery Logo Indicator


If you see your vehicle dashboard panel battery logo light up or blinking, it means the alternator is not charging anymore, therefore, utilizing energy power purely from the battery. This also means that it will go flat if you don’t get your alternator replaced.


Note: You will still be able to drive even if the battery logo lights up. After it has been drained off, you might have to seek help from our 24hrs car battery replacement services!


Getting Older


The battery has a life shelf which is mentioned previously. Once it gets old, it might not get fully charge which causes all the symptoms to occur. Have your battery diagnose now or replace car battery so as to not spoil your happy days ahead!


Corroded Terminal


Corrosion will happen eventually as it is a natural occurrence and will affect the charging ability greatly. You may take a look at Wiki to clean the terminal yourself using several basic items however, do not let other chemicals go inside the battery. One last thing, the terminal connection has to be tight otherwise, you will have lots of issues afterward. Call our 24hrs car battery recovery services if that happens!


Note: If you are going overseas with your car left behind, remember to plug out your video recording camera! Going for a long time? Rent it out or ask someone to help you warm up once in a while.


If you are not sure and need help, call us and our 24hrs car battery replacement specialists will advise you!