Car Battery Replacement Cost

Why a car battery replacement often ends up costing more?

A car is a marvel of automobile and electrical engineering. Various car components work hand in hand to get the car started and moving on the road. The power to do such actions comes from various power sources. While the power to move the car is offered by the fuel, the power to start a car is offered by the electricity.

This electrical power comes from a battery installed inside the car. While kickstarts may help a bike rider to get the bike started, the same could not be said for cars. This is because cars do not have a kickstart system to start them. Car engines need an excessive amount of power to get the car moving. Hence, powering them from car batteries becomes the only option available.

Batteries installed inside the car are rechargeable. This means the batteries only work properly for a certain time. This period is different for every car and owner and can completely change based on several factors. Once it dies, a car battery undergoes replacement so that it keeps the car working as intended.

Sometimes, A battery replacement may end up costing too much if not done at a proper time. Here is a brief explanation of why the car battery replacements sometimes end up costing more for the owners:

Ignorance of servicing:

Ignore Car Servicing

This is perhaps one of the most common reasons why car battery replacement often ends up costing more. Car owners keep on driving their cars without thinking about the car’s health. In doing so, they sometimes also ignore taking their car for regular maintenance.

Car batteries regulate a certain amount of electric current inside them. To keep the battery working normally, it needs to be regularly recharged. Ignorance will lead batteries to miss out on recharge cycles and as a result, they will become weak over time.

Such a decreasing strength eventually leads to a flat, dead battery and ends up costing more for the car owner. Costs associated with replacing a car battery are far higher than recharging a car battery. Delayed battery replacements can also cause damage to other components due to weak charge or short circuit in some cases.

Weather conditions:

Car batteries operate optimally when they are used in standard weather conditions. However, their behavior completely changes under extreme weather conditions. Car batteries lose their ability to deliver power at an optimal capacity in extreme cold and heat. They fail to start the car, flicker the lights, and eventually lose all the power if not taken care of.

Such extreme weather can also lead to other side effects. Possible side effects include thickening of oil, body-color loss, and body rust in some cases. Such effects, along with a bad car battery replacement can be easily avoided altogether if a car is parked in a protected area like the garage.

A garage offers strong resistance against extreme weather conditions and ensures that the car is not damaged, helping the owner avoiding additional costs happening apart from car battery replacement.

Cheap battery installation:

Cheap Car Battery

Sometimes, car owners try to save as much as they can while taking their cars for servicing. In doing so, people often cut down costs by opting for cheaper options. A car battery is one such component. Car batteries are made of different chemicals and metals which react with each other to produce the electricity required for the car.

Such chemical components are sometimes replaced with cheaper alternatives to save costs. This is why cheaper car batteries neglect quality materials like wet gel and rubber and go for cheap options like PVC and corroded cables.

Such batteries not only have inferior parts but they also tend to ignore warranties and quality norms by offering subpar CCA and reserve capacity. Such poorly manufactured come cheap as opposed to standard car batteries and lure customers to replace car batteries even when it not necessary.

Installing such batteries damages the voltage management system, lights, air conditioning as well as other electrical components in the long run by delivering less or more than the required power. In this way, opting for cheap car battery replacement ends up costing too much.

Using a battery beyond its life:

Using Car Battery Beyond Lifespan

There are chances that a car battery may severely damage a vehicle if it is used beyond its life. Car batteries usually last for a period of about 4 to 5 years before they are replaced. While cars may work normally with aged batteries in some cases, they show signs of aging here and there. Engine light, the bad smell on starting, dim or flickering interior lights, and slow ignition are some of the common associated with a weak battery.

Continuing to use such batteries frequently would eventually lead to damage to electrical components. An explosion is also a possibility if the battery components suddenly become unstable. The leaks of explosion can cause severe damage to the parts installed around it and may lead to the car to burn in serious cases, leading to excessive c. Thus, cars with aged car batteries should be instantly replaced.

Using a dirty battery:

Car batteries are fit tightly inside a fixed space. Nuts and bolts hold the battery in a certain area while the hood covers it from being exposed to exterior environments. While the car battery is properly guarded in this manner, a lot of dust particles tend to make the battery dirty. A lot of dust gathers around the battery contact terminals, which in turn prevents the battery from performing optimally.

Additionally, using such dirt-covered batteries can also lead to a possible short circuit and cable damage in some cases. Such repair cases usually end up costing more than expected due to extra repairs apart from replacing the car battery.

These are some of the most common reasons why a car battery ends up costing too much than expected. Perhaps, one of the easiest ways to avoid such extra costs is to regularly take the car for servicing and ensure that it is free of any potential breakdowns. Such a habit would keep a car going for years to come.