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When Should You Replace Your Car Battery?

The most common thing that most of the car owners fall for are the car exterior, interiors, engine and horse power that the vehicle offers. In addition, some people also look for the fuel efficiency, size of the car and number of seats. It is important to look for all these features in the car but it is also important to check the car battery. Made of different types of mechanical, electrical and electronic parts, the car battery is a major component which brings it to life. Even without an efficient car battery, the engine, music system, lights or any other electronic system will be simply lifeless.

Car batteries come with a specific life span, and it is common to have car battery problems over the years. Depending on the driving conditions, weather, age of the car and its battery, there are several things that can lead to a flat or discharged batteries. Most of the car owners have accepted that they pay less attention to the car battery compared to car tyres, engine servicing and car washing. In order to give extra life to the car battery and get smooth performance, it is important the car batteries are regularly serviced and replaced on time, if needed.

Depending on the car type, model and size the car batteries also come in different variant. Large sized cars needed more power and energy because of which large batteries are needed. While some small cars do not need extra power so medium sized car batteries are used. There are several elements in a car battery which helps in generating the power. If any of the element malfunctions then it is possible that the car battery may not perform as required.

Most of the car owners are unaware when to replace their car battery until they are stuck on highway while long drive or when the car battery has completely discharged. In this post we have break-down the facts regarding the car battery that will help you to understand different kinds of sign that your car battery shows and whether the replacement is needed.

Limited Car Battery Life

It has to be accepted that every car battery comes with a limited life span. The life span can range between 3-5 years depending on the usage and driving conditions. In countries with rigid climates, there are chances that the engine needs more power and energy to heat and consume, so life can be limited. However, if the car battery is regularly serviced and maintained then the life can be enhanced. If the car battery has already crossed the time span then it is time to purchase new car battery.

Glitch in Electrical System

Symptoms of faulty car battery

If the car electrical system has some sort of flaw then it can cause the battery to discharge or consume more energy than it should. Because of more power consumption, the car battery will discharge faster than it should. Without regular charging or servicing of the battery it can lead to car battery problems in long run. The glitch in the electrical system should be repaired immediately to avoid such problems. Even after the repair, if the car battery is not performing at the expected power then it needs to be taken to the certified car battery center.

Discharged Battery

If you hear squeaking sounds while starting the car engine or if the car lights are dim or the music player does not function as it should then car battery can be one of the reasons. This is the most common sign when the car battery is losing the charge and it needs immediate recharge. In most cases, car battery experts can recharge and repair the broken battery from losing complete charge, if it is serviced on time.

Positive and Negative Connection

In order to clean and wash the car from inside-out, it is always recommended to remove the car battery from its case so that it does not damage the positive and negative sockets. It will help in avoiding any kind of electric shock or short circuit after immediate washing. If you experience any kind of short circuit in the battery after removing then it needs immediate attention and should be replaced without delay.

Fluid Leakage

The car battery is made up of acids which results into a chemical reaction to generate the electricity. If you find greenish colored fluid leaking out of the car battery then we recommend that you do not touch it with your naked hands. Use safety gloves to clean and get the vehicle towed or moved to the nearest car battery servicing center. It will be hazardous to smell, touch or get in direct contact with the acidic substances from the battery.

Unused Car Batteries

If the car has not been used for a long period of time then the battery has to be recharged regularly. If it is not then there are chances that the battery will get discharged and it is difficult to repair. Some cars have the automatic mechanism by which when on run, it will automatically recharge the battery. However, standstill cars for long period can damage the battery and it has to be replaced with a branded one.

Is it time to replace your car battery?

Time When to change car battery

If you find any of the signs mentioned above then you should visit the car battery service center at the earliest before you are stuck with major car problem. Discharged car batteries can also hamper other electronic and electric systems in the car. There is no bad time to get your car battery health checked. If you need more information regarding branded car batteries, car battery servicing or repairing the existing car battery then contact us at +65 8858 9959 or email enquiry@swiftbatteryspecialist.sg