Five Important Things Ensure Car Battery

Top Five Important Things to Ensure About Your Car Battery

If you are in love with your “Vroom Vroom” than you got to take care of its, soul. Your mechanical lady love is quite high maintenance, and you know that. Yes, she does require frequent cleaning, almost daily sitting in the garage, but you love her to bits nonetheless. Though almost all the issues can be taken care of, and your darling will zap down the streets like a dream, but knowing a thing or two about her soul doesn’t hurt. So here we are to discuss a few facts and myths about the car battery.

You may want to thank the modern day technology and electricity that powers your car battery now. Had it been in the bygone times, you may have to use manual labour to get that messy work done. If you are an automobile-driven person it need not be highlighted to you, that a car battery plays quite a few important roles after the initial ignition. But quite a few myths may be gone down in the system. So let’s take some time out and clear out the muck from the ignition duct with some stone cold facts, shall we

Shelf Life of Car Battery:

Ideally, a car battery has a shelf-life of 6 years. But like other car parts, the longevity of the car battery depends on how one treats it.  One may need to change car battery often if multiple discharges and recharge cycles are conducted. These shorten the life span of a car battery. Additionally, using electronics in the car while the engine is in full blast may cause premature battery death and you may have to go for a car battery replacement.

Such electronic nightmares can be avoided by following some simple automobile hacks. For instance, turn the headlights and interior lights of the vehicle off once you are done driving.  Additionally, leaving electronic devices like GPS and mobile phones hooked in the car can drain the battery too.

Weather Play A Role To Determine The Health of Car Batteries:

Ambient weather conditions have a role to play to determine the health of the car batteries. Car Batteries suffer as per weather conditions, the battery contains liquid an extreme heat causes the liquid to evaporate hence it damages the internal structure of the battery. Also, cold weather increases the thickness of the engine oil and makes harder for a car battery to work.

Most of the car batteries are backed by a liquid electrolyte solution that holds on to the charge. This solution is impacted greatly by the weather condition, both hot and cold. Though it may take extremely low temperature to freeze a car battery, cold climatic conditions often hamper the ability of the solution to back up full power to the engine. Thus, it becomes difficult to start an engine during winters.

There is a common misconception in this regard. It is believed that buying a car battery with higher CCA (cold cranking amp) is a solution to this problem, but that is not true.  Since vehicle computers determine the amperage for the ignition, a car battery with higher CCA will be useless. Coming to the summers, too much of heat may cause the solution to vaporize, thereby limiting the ability of the car battery to hold on to the charge.

You may often hear people suggesting, “fill up the car battery with tap water mate. That does for the evaporation”. But you will do yourself a favor if you don’t take such advice.  Tap water is full of impurities and other minerals which cause damage to the car battery cells. If the conditions so arise, use deionized or demineralized water instead. But if you have to do so you might need a car battery replacement soon.

Making Jumpstart An Easy Affair:

If you drive around a lot, then in all probability you have faced the wrath of a dead battery deal. In such cases, jumpstarting is the easiest way to deal with such situations. Though it’s a pretty basic, straightforward process, you need to follow a certain procedure to ensure efficiency. Though jumpstarting is one way of getting the car started yet again, it must be borne in mind that when a car becomes fully discharged, its life shortens to some extent. However, many a time pressure is built on the alternator to work harder while charging, this reduces the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.

Not Driving Your Car Regularly Will Flat Out The Car Battery

Things Ensure Car Battery

Yes, it’s true. All car batteries have a natural discharge system and a chemical leakage. Additionally, the modern day cars, draw a tiny amount of power from the car battery itself to keep all the electronic parts in the car alive and buzzing. Under such circumstance, if the car is not driven regularly the car battery becomes fully discharged. If you wish to avoid such conditions you might want to connect a good maintenance charger to restore proper condition to your car battery.

The Thing about Calcium Batteries:

You may often hear people say that calcium batteries are not suitable for older cars. However, this is not true. All pioneer battery manufacturers produce calcium batteries. The calcium is instilled in both the positive and negative plates. With the help of a longer battery and escalated overcharge acceptance, increased availability of power is ensured. If you wish to improve on the recharging component, RACQ batteries having high power and silver content may be used.

Furnished with all these facts, unchaining yourself from all the myths, you are now ready to roll your lady love on the street. Start the engine, power the car and hit the road!