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Top 4 Car Battery Types and Brands to Consider in Singapore

Car batteries are a crucial component of every vehicle, supplying the initial power required to initiate the engine and the energy necessary to function all the electrical components in the car. Without a functional battery, a vehicle won’t start, leaving travellers stranded and irritated.

This blog endeavours to present readers with an overview of the primary 4 car battery varieties and brands to consider in Singapore, including Varta, Platinum, Exide, and Globatt. By knowing the many types of batteries available and the particular temperature and road conditions in Singapore, drivers can select the ideal battery for their car and ensure it is correctly maintained to prolong its lifetime.

Additionally, the blog will emphasise the need for onsite car battery replacement services, such as those given by Swift Battery Specialist, which can provide timely and trustworthy services to drivers in need.

Types of Car Batteries

There are numerous varieties available in Singapore, each with its own characteristics and advantages. Here are some of the most prevalent types:

  • Conventional vehicle batteries: These are the most prevalent form of car battery and are often constructed of lead-acid. They are economical and dependable, but they need regular maintenance, such as keeping up the water level and cleansing the terminals.
  • EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery): These batteries are an advance over traditional batteries and are intended to manage the demands of current automobiles with start-stop technology. They are more robust and have a longer lifetime than traditional batteries.
  • AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat): These batteries are comparable to EFB batteries but are considerably more sophisticated. They are designed to satisfy the demands of prestige automobiles and sports vehicles and are considered for their performance and dependability.
  • Lithium-ion batteries: These batteries are relatively new to the market and are becoming popular due to their lightweight & compact form. They are more costly than other types of batteries but provide superior efficacy and an extended lifetime.

Choosing the Right Battery for Singapore’s Climate and Roads

Singapore’s sweltering and humid environment may take a toll on automobile batteries, leading them to decay speedier than in frigid regions. Additionally, the stop-and-go traffic and numerous brief excursions in Singapore may place a strain on automobile batteries, particularly those with start-stop technology.

To select the correct battery for Singapore’s temperature and roads, drivers and owners need to consider the following factors:

  • Battery type: As described above, numerous varieties of batteries are appropriate to varying travelling circumstances and vehicle categories.
  • Brand: Some brands are better adapted to Singapore’s temperature and travelling conditions than others. Popular brands which should be considered are Varta, Platinum, Exide, and Globatt.
  • Capacity: The battery’s capacity should be tailored to the vehicle’s electrical requirements to guarantee optimum performance and lifetime.

By choosing a battery that is suitable to Singapore’s temperature and driving circumstances, drivers may guarantee that their battery lasts longer and performs better.

Top 4 Car Battery Brands to Consider in Singapore

When it comes to choosing a vehicle battery brand in Singapore, there are numerous alternatives available. Here are the best 4 car battery companies to consider:

  1. Varta: Varta is a well-known brand that delivers high-quality batteries that are trustworthy and enduring. They are excellent for a broad variety of vehicles and are designed to withstand Singapore’s sweltering and humid environment.
  2. Platinum: Platinum is another prominent brand that provides high-performance batteries that are designed to manage the demands of current automobiles. They are recognised for their reliability and endurance, making them an excellent option for Singapore’s demanding travelling conditions.
  3. Exide: Exide is a reputable brand that has been around for over 130 years. They provide a comprehensive choice of batteries that are ideal for various types of automobiles and are noted for their longevity.
  4. Globatt: Globatt is a comparatively new brand that has promptly garnered popularity in Singapore. They provide high-quality batteries that are intended to manage the demands of contemporary automobiles and are known for their dependability & endurance.

Car Battery Maintenance

Proper car battery maintenance is crucial to guarantee that the battery lasts as long as feasible and functions correctly. Here are some practical maintenance tips:

  • Check the battery’s voltage frequently to verify that it is within the specified range.
  • Clean the battery terminals periodically to prevent corrosion and guarantee a solid connection.
  • Avoid overcharging the battery, since this might cause it to decay speedier.
  • Keep the battery in a dry area to prevent it from overheating and wetting.

Onsite Car Battery Replacement Services

Onsite car battery replacement services are vital for drivers in Singapore who have battery-related difficulties while on the road. These services give expeditious and trustworthy support to drivers, ensuring that they can get back on the road promptly and safely.

Swift Battery Specialist is one such service company that is accessible round the clock, 365 days a year, and 7 days a week, including public holidays. Their team of mechanics is always accessible to accept your contact any time anywhere in Singapore.

They arrive at your place with all the essential tools to detect battery issues and bring a branded battery if there is a need for replacing the vehicle battery. Swift Battery Specialist provides cost-effective services that are affordable for drivers in Singapore.