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Top 10 Important Things to Consider While Buying a Car Battery

Car battery is one of the most overlooked components of the entire car parts that most of the car owners will accept. Actually car battery is the main reason for smooth performance and hiccup-free driving experience. Every car battery comes with a limited time span but timely servicing and maintenance can help in enhancing the life.

If the battery is completely worn out, damaged or unable to recharge by its own then it is time to replace the car battery with a new branded one. There are different types and makes of car batteries available in the market. But there are some crucial things to consider before choosing the right car battery. In order to gain more insight and understanding of the important things, take a deep dive in the below points:

Size of the Battery

Just like car sizes come in small, medium and large sizes, car batteries also come in different sizes. It is majorly divided into group sizes that indicate the height, width and length of the battery. The exact size and group of your car battery can be identified from the car manual that you must have received at the time of manufacturing. If you are not able to find the manual then you need to consult your car mechanic or professional car battery service station. The car battery that you choose should perfectly fit the battery tray of your car to prevent any kind of loose fitting, damage or spilling of battery fluid.

Car Battery Stock

Car batteries which are manufactured a year before or two will have less power backup compared to the new ones. If you find the stock of old car batteries at any outlet then do not choose them. In order to identify the make and model of the battery as well as the manufacturing date you need to read the code on the battery. The serial number of each car battery is marked with year and month of its manufacturing. Choose the best and new stock of car battery to get the maximum output.

Capacity of the Battery

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If you want to use a car battery with maximum power then you need to choose one which has maximum capacity. The power of the battery is measured in capacity and batteries with maximum capacity run for longer period of time. Car batteries with maximum power capacity do not have the issues of dipping charge as they can recharge faster and give more output. If you need long lasting results from the car battery then you choose the one with high capacity. The cost of the high capacity batteries are on higher side but it is worth spending.

Storage Capacity of Battery

The storage capacity of the car battery is different as per its group. Every car has a specific power requirement and accordingly the car battery has to be selected. Based on the type of battery your car manufacturer has suggested, the storage capacity of the battery will be determined. All the car batteries storage capacity is measured in Ampere-hour. Higher the Ah means that the car battery has higher storage capacity and it can sustain longer.

Position of Battery Terminals

You may have not noticed closely but the position of the positive terminal in the car battery plays an important role because close contact with the metal body or other terminal of the wiring can result in short circuit damaging various electronic items in the car. So it is important to check the side of positive terminal of the car battery depending on your car type.

CCA Capacity

The Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) capacity of the battery actually defines the amount of energy required for the battery. For example Cranking Amp defines to the amount energy required to start a vehicle at 32 Fahrenheit and CCA refers to the amount of energy required to start in cold weather (0 degree). If you are using vehicle in cold region then you should choose a battery with CCA.

Battery Maintenance

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There are majorly two types of batteries, one which needs regular maintenance while the second doesn’t need one. The battery which requires maintenance has to be serviced every 6 months, and it can become a liability at times as without maintenance you will have to ultimately replace it. The one which does not require maintenance is made up of sealed liquid electrolyte by which it does not need regular maintenance until life ends.

Warranty of Battery

The warranty of the battery is also important because the battery with longer warranty period helps the car owner to get replacement or repair services event after certain period of time. The battery which comes with maximum warranty like 3-5 years or more is value for money.


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