Enhance Car Battery Life

Tips to enhance your car battery life

Batteries are regarded to be one of the most important scientific innovations of all time. They are the reason why some of the electric components keep on running while the direct power supply is down. In some cases, batteries are the only source of producing the energy necessary for a device. This fact becomes more evident in the case of vehicles as the battery cells located under the hood serve as the only source for obtaining the necessary power for the vehicles.

Car batteries are made of several chemicals and minerals. These materials are covered by hard plastics. The contact points present on the battery allow it to be connected across the car. the chemicals inside the car battery are highly reactive. Reactions occurring between the chemicals and minerals inside the battery produce the power required to operate several functions and features inside a car.

Car battery gets affected by several factors including age, strain, but changing weather temperatures significantly affect the car battery. This is due to the chemical nature of the battery itself. It is even worse for the life of the battery if you’re stuck in the blazing heat or the freezing cold. While a good battery usually has a lifespan of 4 to 5 years, sometimes they die out earlier than expected.

Several factors contribute to quick battery degradation and leads one to go for a car battery replacement service. With this in mind, it becomes essential to take good care of the battery. This ensures that the car battery keeps running for longer periods. Here are some tips and tricks to help you make your car battery last longer.


Car batteries have a lot of reactive chemicals inside them. The chemicals are contained in a tight container where they are not able to move much. This kind of stability helps them to hold their power inside the battery. Sometimes, the batteries lose their power due to excessive movement. Vibrations caused by movements lead to power loss.

To ensure that the car battery is able to hold up its charge, fixate its position by making use of good quality clamps. Failing to fixate a car battery by clamps could damage the internals of the battery, eventually leading to short circuits and reduced battery life. Avoid excessive tightening as well since that might severely damage the battery structure. Once a little tightening is felt, ensure that the clamp screws are only moved a semi turn.


It is natural for any electric device to misbehave when it comes in contact with wastes. Battery connectors are directly exposed to the environment once the car hood is opened. This is why a lot of dust, dirt and little garbage get stuck on them. Dirty battery connectors stop the car battery to perform optimally and shorten the battery’s life. Friction among the dust particles on the connectors can cause light short circuits on the connection points. A series of such short circuits eventually lead to a powerless battery.

Other side effects include damaged connectors and corroded lead points. Keeping the car battery from such kind of dust ensures that it keeps performing optimally without being disturbed by them. Ensure that the car battery is disconnected before it is cleaned up.

Cleaning can be performed with the help of old paint or toothbrush and baking soda – water solution. Once the solution is applied, clean up the mess using a cold water spray bottle and a clean cotton cloth. Shining contact points deliver better power delivery across the car.

Monthly Inspection:

Car Inspection

Lead powered batteries have a unique operating nature. Their optimal performance depends on how much they are used. It is essential to note that the car batteries are affected by the time they are kept uncharged. A partially or a fully discharged battery can suddenly go flat if left unattended.

No one likes a car ending up with a flat battery in the middle of the trip. Hence, a regular inspection is a must. This can be performed at home with the help of a voltmeter. A monthly check-up shall help determine the battery’s health. Any count above 12.7 volts or more is a sign of a good car battery.

Any count below 12.5 volts signifies the time for an immediate check. It signifies an alarming time to recharge or replace the car battery before it runs flat. Lead operated car batteries have a different reading compared to other car batteries. These kinds of batteries get partially charged at 12.4 volts and get flat at 12 volts. A regular inspection can easily detect such kind of low counts and help to get the batteries recharged at the right time.

Short journeys:

Car Driving

A lot of chemical reactions occur inside the car battery. A spark is passed on to the car battery when the reaction is triggered by turning the car key. This spark starts the reactions inside the cell. While the sparks are crucial for the functioning of a car battery, a lot of them can damage the car battery. A spark puts a little bit of pressure whenever a car is started. Taking a car out for small distances multiple times a day leads to a lot of sparks. These, in turn, put a lot of strain on the car battery.

Following such kinds of driving habits on a daily basis leads to a dying car battery. Cell undervolting keeps on happening until the day when the battery runs flat. This is one of the reasons why cars are preferred for long drives. Frequent long drives help the car battery to maintain its power over longer periods of time. Keeping a battery charger handy is helpful if the car is not driven very often.

Unused car:

Keeping the batteries charged regularly isn’t enough. It is vital that the cars are equivalently driven. Irrespective of the brand, idle batteries tend to lose their charge over time. this process scientific and is known as ‘self-discharge’.

A fully charged normal car battery usually discharges at a rate of about 1 percent a day. This amount varies as per the weather conditions a car is kept in. it falls to 0.25% a day in cold weather (10° C) and rises to about 1.5% a day in warmer seasons (30° C). the rate of discharge is further affected by the duration the car sits idle. In order to avoid battery replacement and keep the battery intact, trickle charges are the way to go. They help in maintaining the health of the battery.

These set of tips shall help you enhance the life of your car battery. It helps you keep your car battery going for longer periods without having to spend more on buying a new car battery. These tips shall help the car battery stand the test of time and perform optimally for the times when you need it the most.