Jump Starting Your Car

Jump Starting Your Car: 8 Things You Should Never Ever Do

You turn the key in your car, and nothing happens except weird clicking sounds. It’s time to revive your car’s battery. The situation turns worse if you are on the road and need to reach your destination within a certain time. You don’t have any other option than to jump-start your car. This can happen to any of us. But before trying to revive your battery, a little bit of know-how can make your experience simple and safe.Why is it required to avoid mistakes and take care?

Why is it required to avoid mistakes and take care?

You need to jump-start your car with basic knowledge and skills. Otherwise, your car will be damaged. Modern cars have more electronic equipment inside than ever before. So, if you jump-start your car in the wrong way, it may cause a short circuit or even be damaged beyond repair. Sometimes it may cause personal injury to you also. Thereby, you need to take the following precautions while jump-starting your car.

Eight mistakes you should avoid while jump-starting a car

Follow some strict don’ts when you are going to jump-start your car. As such, take a lot of safety measures during the jump-start. Otherwise, you run the risk of injury, a battery explosion, and sometimes fire. Hence, you need to avoid the following when reviving your dead battery-

  • Avoid smoking
  • Take proper safety measures
  • A thorough understanding of the owner’s manual
  • Avoid jump-starting if the battery is cracked or leaking
  • Never jump-start your car in the parking
  • In extreme cold or wet conditions, avoid jump-starting
  • The cables should not be dangled
  • Avoid using low-quality cables

Avoid smoking

Smoking Avoid While Jump Starting
While jump-starting the car, the battery emits a very flammable hydrogen gas. It has fluids that are very sensitive to sparking. So, if you want to smoke, keep a safe distance from your car. The ash will ignite flames and cause a severe explosion.

Adoption of proper safety measures

Car batteries contain sulfuric acid. Therefore, they produce gases like hydrogen and oxygen. If you forget to wear thick gloves and sturdy eyewear, then you are calling a risk for yourself. These are very contaminated elements, and it is advisable to take precautionary measures rather than feel sorry later.

Comprehensive knowledge of the owner’s manual

Manuals give specific procedures to jump-start your car. They also give information about the right location of your battery, as it may not always be at the front of the engine. As some manufacturers don’t give permission for a jump-start, you could void your warranty by doing so.

Avoid jump-starting if the battery is cracked or leaking

Before jump-starting, assess the condition of the battery. If there is any sign of physical damage, specifically leakage, then it is better to call a tow truck. Also, various professional car services provide onsite car battery replacement facilities. If you feel it is better to call an expert, then you can avail of this option also at an affordable price.

Never jump-start your car in the parking

In the case of an ECU-equipped car, your car draws power from the electrical system of accessories. During jump-starting, a power spike can cause the fuse to heat up and burn. Putting the car in ‘park’ will result in a steady power supply until the ECU system becomes normal.

The new car models are more sensitive than the old ones. You need to protect the electrical components of your accessories, especially for AT cars. Hence, to make the jump-start simple, avoid this.

During extreme cold or wet conditions, avoid jump-starting

Water is an excellent conductor of electricity. So, in significant wet conditions, it may cause your battery to explode while jump-starting. Also, in the cold, the battery fluids could freeze. Jump-starting a frozen battery will result in an explosion.

Cables should not be dangled or touch any metal

Connected cables have a charge. If it comes in contact with water or metal, then it causes electrocution or a spark. While jump-starting, you must take all the safety precautions to avoid accidents. It is your responsibility to check whether the cables are within the car hood. Dangling cables are the most dangerous to cause an accident.

Avoid using low-quality cables

Make sure your jumper cables are in good condition, color-coded, and at least 12 feet (3 meters) long. Before jump-starting, check the insulation. Any negligence may cause an accident.

If you feel any doubt, don’t hesitate to call an expert. Fixing and troubleshooting cars are the most complicated things. Cutting-edge technology and quality equipment can solve the jump-starting problem of your car. Ultimately, you need a hassle-free journey. Swift Battery Specialist will help you to avail of the benefits at a competitive rate.

Final Words

Jump-starting your car requires enough knowledge and experience. Without care and caution, you may experience harm or injury. If you find yourself in a difficult position to jump-start your car, then don’t hesitate to call a professional car service. Swift Battery Specialist is available 24/7 to provide you with the best quality car battery jump start service, even onsite.