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Things to take care of while choosing a car battery

A car battery is one of the most sensitive parts installed inside the car. A battery that is made to satisfy the needs of an entire car is built with a lot of care. This is because car batteries are made with a lot of concentrated chemicals. These chemicals react with each other to produce the power needed by cars to perform essential functions. However, this power is limited and gets exhausted over time.

Moreover, car batteries are highly vulnerable. They are known to go awry at any time of the day. Sometimes, people might not be even able to find the cause behind the same and eventually opt to replace car battery. A car battery usually dies for either of two reasons: Age or Fault. A car battery usually dies of age whenever it passes an average time of 3 to 5 years. Apart from this, a car battery is also known to be prone to strong weather conditions and bad driving habits. These are some of the common reasons why car owners eventually end up seeking car battery replacement.

Sooner or later, each car owner has to undergo a car battery replacement service. This activity is, however, not fruitful for car owners most of the time. This is because car owners don’t tend to take care of certain things when they are searching for a car battery. With that said, here is a list of all things to consider while choosing a car battery:

Brand value:

This suggestion is perhaps the best way to start the things to consider while buying the battery. Most car owners are experienced enough to have an idea about car battery brands present in the market. While all brands will demonstrate that they have the best to offer, that isn’t always true. Online reviews are a great way to check their marketing claims and determine if their car battery is the right choice for a corresponding car.

Exploring reviews online is easy and informs prospective car battery replacement seekers about the kind of problems that they may face after buying a car battery. It might also inform them of the advantages of going to replace car battery from a specific brand or model’s point of view.

Size of the battery:

Cars do not share a common battery. While some cars have a long battery, some come with short battery sizes. Car batteries, in general, are offered in multiple shapes and sizes that help various car owners with their needs. However, this proves confusing for the likes of new and inexperienced customers looking to purchase a new car battery.

The best way to determine if a certain car battery would fit into a car is to cross-check the details of a previously installed car battery. Size-related details are often printed or labeled on the surface of a car battery. Additionally, most cars accept batteries up to a certain group size. This group size consists of the 5 most common classifications and covers each and every car ranging from hatchbacks to SUVs. is specifically mentioned  If a car owner is not able to get such details, they can look forward to consulting with a mechanic for the same. Each car has a fixed compartment that allows it to only fit the battery of a certain size inside it.

Battery reserve capacity:

car battery reserve capacity

Each battery has a specific reserve capacity. This capacity helps a car battery function without the assistance of a car engine. This capacity can come in handy in scenarios when a car fails to function properly. The presence of a car battery with good reserve capacity will assist a car get to places where it could some form of maintenance. The more the efficiency, the better the car travels.

Good car battery replacement providers often consult car battery options keeping this factor in mind. If a mechanic does not offer information about such an important piece of information to car owners, chances are that the shop is not known to offer quality services to the consumers. A quality car battery service provider is always aware of facts that help car owners make the best purchase decisions for their clients.

Ampere capacity:

Ampere capacity is the measure that helps determine the functional capacity of a battery. It is known as ‘Ah’ in short. The more the Ah of a battery is by value, the better a car would be able to take the load. This load handling capacity is higher for car batteries with high ampere capacity.


When it comes to honoring warranties, every car battery offering companies have their own set of pros and cons. While most manufacturers offer car batteries with a standard warranty, some tend to delight customers with extended warranties. A warranty comprises of two time periods, namely free replacement period and prorated period.

Reputed companies that entrust the quality of their products are likely to offer a quality warranty to honor the words. However, the car owner must always consult their choices with online reviews and mechanic’s guidance. Detailed research will ensure that people can get the best price and warranty for a car battery at the same time.

Cold-cranking Amp rating:

cold cranking

Cold Cranking Amp, abbreviated as CCA is one of the most essential aspects to consider to replace car battery if a car owner lives in extremely cold weather. CCA stamped on a car battery helps determine the number of amps that a battery is able to support for a time period of 30 seconds at an absolute zero temperature. A good CCA helps car batteries help start in a relatively easy manner during freezing weather conditions.

Inspecting existing battery:

This is one of those things that each and every car owner must insist on. Sometimes, the installed car battery just has a little fault and does not need to be replaced with a new battery. A common inspection from a mechanic can help determine the status of a presently installed car battery. A proper inspection will help car owners determine the exact reason behind minor faults and the time left for the car battery to expire.

These are the most common things every car owner must take care of while choosing a car battery. Keeping all these things in mind while purchasing a new car battery or visiting a repair shop to replace the car battery. All in all, it gives a much-needed peace of mind to car owners by ensuring that their new car battery is seated at the right place.