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How to Save Car Battery from Getting Drained While On Long Travel

If you have heard about the phrase ‘Use or Lose’, it fits apt for all kinds of things. Whether it is birds, animals, humans or even cars, everything should be constantly flying or moving, and making use of all the parts of the body otherwise the body part stops responding. Same goes with the car parts whether it is tyres, car battery or engine. If the automotive is not used on regular basis then there are higher chances of replacing the part.

Car battery is one of the important element of the car component family but most car owners forget that about car battery basic maintenance for a long lasting result. There are many reasons why car battery drain including rash driving, cold weather, heavy usage of devices, etc.

However, the common reason is the maintenance problem which is not properly followed by the car owners. Even leaving your car idle for several days or months can result in dead battery which will either result in replacement or reduced battery power. There are different ways by which you can save your car battery from getting into such condition. Below are some of the major points which you would like to follow to save the car battery.

1. Remove Car Battery

If your car is not going to be used for while you are on travel, the best option is remove the car battery from the socket and keep it in the storage or replace car battery to drive safely. Use the safety gears while removing the car battery as the acidic elements of the battery can damage your skin. Remove the socket as it is and keep it in a safe and dry place so that it is not damaged. Keeping in open or wet place can also cause it in faster discharge.

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2. Remove the Cable

If you do not have a proper place to store the car battery then you can just remove the car battery cables which is also a great option. However, while removing the car battery cables ensure that the negative and positive cables do not touch each. IF there is any kind of fluid leaking out of the battery then do not touch with the bare hands. Use necessary safety gears or hire professional car battery professionals to remove the same.

3. Remove the battery draining devices

If your car will be used once in a while some of the family members, then the best way is that you remove the heavy battery draining devices like the music players, high-beam lights, etc. from the car. It will not only help in saving your car battery but also other devices which can be damaged because of low charged battery.

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4. Store in Service Station

If you do not have anyone who can drive your car on regular basis or charge the battery, then you can hire car battery service station who can store the car, service it and recharge the battery on the regular basis. It is common solution that most of the car owners on travel use to keep their car battery up and running.

These are some of the basic suggestions and solutions that we have listed based on our experience and research. Following the above suggestions will save you from replacing the existing battery. For any kind of assistance with the car battery removal, storage or battery recharging you can contact Swift Battery Specialist at +65 8858 9959.