Know About Car Battery Prices in Singapore

Car Battery Price in Singapore: What You Need to Know

Most individuals will only replace their automobile battery when it stops starting. It’s not that they don’t take care of the automobile and its machinery; rather, the majority of the time, the problem is brought on by the initial purchase of a battery of low quality. It is essential to select a high-quality car battery that complies with regulations and your vehicle’s requirements. The size, substance, ampere duration, cold-cranking amps, reserve capacity, and guarantee of automotive batteries are all bundled together. Some automobile owners could also favour certain brands over others.

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When Should a Car Battery be Replaced?

It’s not difficult to learn how to regularly replace a car battery! Batteries for cars generally last three to five years. But if you’ve ever questioned how frequently to change your vehicle battery, you should be conscious of the factors that impact it as well as the warning indications that it needs to be changed.

There are various techniques to determine when a battery needs to get replaced, but there is no one right answer to the question “how frequently to change a battery.” When the battery gets depleted:

  • If the “Check Battery” light is on
  • If starting your automobile causes a sluggish cranking sound
  • If you’ve recently had to jump-start your automobile several times,
  • If your battery’s voltage is low or its fluid level is low
  • If your battery casing is swollen or bloated

Things to Know Regarding Purchasing Battery in Singapore

Depending on the type of your automobile, changing a car battery in Singapore might run you anywhere from $150 to $700. The kind of car battery your vehicle utilizes, its technology, and its size. The following are some things to think about to give you a better idea:

  • The Battery Standards
  • There are typically two different types of batteries: a JIS and a European Standard (DIN). Remember that the price difference between Japanese and European standard batteries is substantial. Having stated that, even when the standard and volume are identical, there is usually a significant price variation.

  • The Capacity of the Battery
  • The real amount of time a car battery can operate on its own is called reserve capacity. Choose a battery with a sufficient reserve capacity. If the alternator fails or the engine is not compatible, having a large reserve capacity might be beneficial.

    You may wish to compile a list of effective batteries. Pick the option with the most reserve capacity from the ones that have gotten discovered. If you remember to turn the lights off, you’ll save the annoyance of having a dead automobile.

  • The Battery Size
  • You can choose a battery for your car more effectively if you are aware of car battery sizes. The battery size you choose should get based on the capabilities you want. Your selection of battery size also plays a role in battery pricing in Singapore.

  • Battery Type Matters!
  • The battery type that your car utilizes should get noted first. There’s a considerable probability you’ll see the battery type and the name of the manufacturer. Remember that the battery in each car might vary based on the brand and model. As newer, more cutting-edge technology gets revealed, batteries evolve. Having stated that, there are four typical battery types found in automobiles. They are as follows:

    1. Acid Lead
    2. Lithium-Ion
    3. Glass Mat with Absorption
    4. Improved Flooded

    Some cars have a more complicated battery type that has its own sub-sections. Therefore, you should understand the type of battery before drawing any judgments.

  • The Warranty
  • When you purchase a car battery, you hope it will last for at least two years, if not longer. However, occasionally these batteries need to be repaired or even replaced before they have even been in use for a year. The vendor or supplier should be able to provide repair or replacement choices at no additional expense if the failure cannot get attributed to your fault. Don’t forget to bring up the warranty while searching to get a battery at a fair price.

How to Extend the Life of Your Car Battery

In Singapore, it’s simple to increase the worth of your car battery! Here are some suggestions for extending the lifespan of your automobile battery.

  • Verify that the battery is firmly secured inside its casing.
  • Electronics shouldn’t be used while the battery is dead.
  • Regular rust removal
  • When putting in a new battery, use anti-corrosion gel.
  • Park in the shelter to avoid becoming too hot.
  • Avoid letting the vehicle lie idle for too long in between uses.
  • To allow the alternator to charge the battery between starts, avoid making short journeys.


Think about it for a moment, you may get by with a cheaper battery, but think about the impact it will have on your car’s overall system.

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