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How To Maintain Tyres Of Your Car

Without properly maintained tyres, your drive won’t be smooth and comfortable. By maintaining tyres, it increases fuel efficiency, advanced vehicle driving performance and importantly safety on road. Tyres can wear out easily and new tyres are expensive, so it is better to maintain them properly.

Ignoring an issue on tyres can cause major damage to the car as well to you too. Poor maintenance can lead to tyre wear. Many other factors can affect tyre wear. Wheel alignment and suspension parts also play an important part in tyre wear. There are a few methods to maintain your tyres.

Tyre Pressure

Checking tyre pressure regularly is good for your car, if the tyre is under or overpressure it won’t be able to accelerate, brake and steer properly.  The number is stated in pounds per square inch (psi). The pressure in the tyre should not be too high or low, air pressure should not be more than 44 to 51 psi.

Exceeding air pressure from the given limit can be risky. If the pressure is not maintained properly then it may reduce fuel efficiency, increase tyre tear, tyre blowout, and your car has a high chance of getting into an accident.

Tyre Balancing

Wheel Balancing Image

Unbalanced tyres can lead to early tyre tread wear. A tyre needs to be balanced every time you take it for maintenance. A balanced tyre reduces uneven wear and extends its longevity. Small weights are attached to wheels to limit the vibration of the tire and wheels as they turn.

Tyre Inspection

An inspection for tyres should be done to make sure if it doesn’t need any major replacement. Always inspect your tyres before driving and look for any tire punctures, uneven tyre wear, cracks in the sidewall, objects stuck in tyres etc. Look out for any under or overinflation air pressure in the car which can cause wear on tyres. Whenever you drive always pay attention to the sensation of your car in case of unstable steering, vibration, thumping noise, rough ride then take your car to your mechanic.

Tyre Rotation

Rotating tyres will extend the longevity and overall performance of the car. Tyres on the front and back end of the car function at different loads and perform different steering and braking function, outcomes in uneven wear. The tyre rotation is done after 5000 to 7000 miles.

Car Tyre Replacement

Replacement of Car Tyre Image

Tyres are produced with wear bars and if the bar is visible then, it’s time to replace them. Car tyre replacement needs to be done every 5 to 6 years even the wear is not noticeable but for the safety of drivers or passengers. While driving in rough conditions such as bumpy roads, potholes in every turn, wet climates etc can lead to major damage to the tyres.

Car Tyre Repair

The main function of repairing is to avert moisture and other foreign objects from getting inside the tyre. Car tyre repair depends on the size of the puncture, if the size of the puncture is less than 5mm diameter or happens in the ¾ of the tread (central portion) of the tyre then it can be repaired.  Fabric plugs, tubes and sealants should not be used for tyre repair. Never repair your tyre after a second time it would be better to do car tyre replacement for safety.

Tyre Tread Depth

Tread in tyre keep up with the contact of road. Tread depth helps to know the conditions of tyres whether they are good or bad. While driving through wet conditions, tread prevents the water from sliding through your car. Without treads, your car may lose control of steering, blowout, loose contact with road on water surface. There are two easy ways you can measure the tread depth.

  • Spot checking tread: – if you can see tread strips worn down from the tyres then it is time to buy new ones.
  • Coin trick: – insert the coin into the tread of the tyre, head first. If you can see the coin’s head from the tread that means it is time to replace the tyre. Place coin in the outer edge, centre and inner edge of the tread to check inflation.

Tyre Shine

Car Tyre Shine Image

Drivers might apply shine coating on the tyres for maintenance, most of the time it is the best option but not for older cars. Older car tyres change into brown colour dry layer due to cracks around the tyre. It is better to consult with the mechanic before applying shine on the tyres.

Spare Tyre

In some rare cases, a tyre can be punctured or the tread can be worn out while driving in that case always keep a spare tyre in the back of your car. The tyres need to be protected from any greasy substances which could worsen rubber. Keep tyres from above the ground and covered them to prevent moisture.

Tyre maintenance is as important as engine maintenance in any automotive. By giving proper maintenance to tyres can be a good investment for your cars. It helps you to have smooth and comfortable journeys with safety. Does your car need tyre replacement or repair? Then call us on +65 8858 9959, Swift Battery Specialists for any immediate services. We are available 24×7 in Singapore.