Fix a Dead Battery

How to Fix a Dead Battery?

Before you get to know “how to fix a dead battery,” Know that car battery typically have a lifespan of many years. However, this is dependent on how they are utilized. The average automobile battery may live up to 7 years in the best-case scenario, but that assumes daily driving, adequate charging, and no deep cycling.

Car batteries typically last 4 to 7 years if they are maintenance-free (read: replaced when dead). Less than 3 or 4 years of automotive battery life can be attributed to a number of issues, including lack of using it, corrosion, too-deep cycling, electrolyte depletion, damage, or charging issues.

It’s inevitable that about time, your battery will be dead. The essential thing is that you know how to fix a dead battery.

How do You Know the Battery is Dead?

Knowing when the battery is dead is the unmentioned first step when you learn how to fix a dead battery. Here are some tips for you to understand:

  • A Battery that is Old
  • A vehicle battery is not made to endure indefinitely. It will therefore get older with time. Performance declines as a battery age, with an average battery life of 4 to 6 years. The automobile won’t be able to be started by the battery. In many instances, the battery will gradually deteriorate with hard starts before failing entirely.

  • The battery Has a Rotten Egg Odor
  • You’ll know your battery is dead if it starts to smell like rotten eggs. This is brought on by lead-acid batteries, which include water and H2SO4. H2S, which has the odor of rotten eggs, can be produced by the battery as it charges. It is finally time to get your “how to fix a dead battery” skills to work.

  • Oxidation of Terminals
  • Another indicator of a failing or dead battery is damaged battery terminals. You’ll see either a white or blue mist on your battery connections as a result.

  • Dim or Malfunctioning Headlights
  • Car headlights also need power. When a battery is weak, the headlights won’t be able to be powered, leaving you with dim or no light. Bad headlights are a big NO! Therefore, it is essential you know how to fix a dead battery.

  • An Enlarged Battery
  • A battery that has swelled up is obviously dead. The battery must be changed as a last resort in this situation. The majority of the time, an overcharged battery is the result of a malfunctioning alternator. When this occurs, it has to be changed.

The Solutions to Fix a Dead Battery

    A car battery’s lifespan can be shortened by a number of factors, the majority of which are avoidable. However, in the worst-case scenario, you should know how to fix a dead battery. Here are some of the solutions to help you out:

  • The Technique of Hard Hand Cranking
  • You must bump up the rear wheel drive and utilize axle stands to increase its support in order to apply the “hand-cranking method.” The car must be put in fifth gear with the ignition switched on after the front wheels have been properly choked by positioning the chock in the middle and square to the tire. To rotate the wheel in the usual direction, tie a rope all-around the driving tire. Then, make a strong pull in order to start the engine.

  • The Procedure of Chainsaw
  • Similar to the hard hand-cranking technique, this technique necessitates some familiarity with automobiles and their engines. But you can accomplish it if anybody can. Remember that this is a dangerous practice.
    The first step is to take the chain and blade off of your chainsaw. Once the pulleys are gone, the structure will resemble a wheel with spokes emerging from one side.

    The alternator belt should then be attached to either end through two distinct holes in each sprocket, which may be tightened if necessary using zip ties. You may now start charging your battery. Make doubly sure there are no spaces between because if air gets in there, it might start electric sparks.

  • Using an 18-Volt Drill Battery
  • Similar to a jump start, the 18-volt drill battery technique works. Jump leads and an 18-volt drill battery that is fully charged are required for this. These may be purchased from car stores. Your dead vehicle battery has to be connected to the 18-volt drill battery using jump leads or other modifications. It enables a jump-start-style connection between the drill battery and the dead battery.

  • Hot Ash
  • This ought to be the very last option. You require hot ash for this procedure, which you may make on your own by starting a fire and allowing it to burn out and become ash. The battery should then be placed on the hot ash once the filling caps have been removed. Make sure you do this properly to prevent a fire. Reinstall the battery on the vehicle after it is warm enough, then start the engine.


Knowing how to fix a dead battery is crucial. Your automobile battery may prematurely expire as a result of damage accumulating, and this usually necessitates car battery replacement. However, as the adage goes, avoidance is always preferable to treatment. Even so, avoiding automobile battery damage is still preferable to having a dead one repaired or replaced.