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How Car Battery Can Actually Hamper Your Fuel Economy?

Car battery is one of the most crucial and essential part of the car elements. Most of the car owners assume that it does not require service as the car engine. There are several myths about the car battery that the life of the battery increases with the kilometres you drive. Moreover, car batteries can be repaired without major investment. Some are not aware that even your fuel economy depends on the car battery life and strength. In order to throw some light on these queries and myths, we have highlighted few points which will be helpful in managing your car battery effectively.

With the increasing rate of the gas, it is imperative for car owners to ensure that their automobile is fit and fine to give the best mileage. For those who are new to this segment, one of the major reasons why your car is not performing as it should is because of the weak health of the battery. Yes, believe it or not, the car battery can majorly hamper your fuel economy drastically.

If your car battery is flat then you will have to spend hours to start your car in the morning. This will not only waste your time but also exert the engine and decrease the life expectancy. There are several other similar issues which can lead to decreased fuel efficiency of your car because the battery. Here’s the list of issues that you can check:

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Alternator Issue

The alternator helps in charging the battery and keeps running until the battery has reached the optimum level of voltage, i.e. 12 volts. If your battery is not working properly then the alternator will work continuously all the time while running to pump power to the battery. As the alternator is directly connected with the engine, it hampers the driving performance as well as reduces the fuel economy.

Fuel Injectors

A full charged battery works like a blessing for the fuel injectors that add fuel in the cylinders. If the battery is not full charged then the fuel is not fully added and it results in reduced mileage. In such case you will be able to observe that the car is lurching often on the drive. Quick check on the battery will help in reducing the fuel consumption and maintaining the mileage.

Car Computer

All the modern cars come with built-in computer that smartly manages all the accessories and automates several systems in the engine. Due to improper car battery, it becomes difficult for the car computer to perform and gauge the fuel consumption appropriately. Without this facility, fuel will be either more consumed or less.

Engine Shutoff

Some of the large cars in the market are equipped with the smart-tech which shuts off the engine when the car battery is not fully charged. It reduces the driving speed and shuts off the engine to reduce the load on the cylinders and other components. The important electrical systems will also lose the information due to weak sensor response during the battery problems.


These are some of the major reasons why car owners should regularly get their battery checked by professional car battery service providers. In case it needs Jump Start, then contact the reliable team and if replacement is needed use, branded batteries only. If you are not aware of which battery best suits your car or need assistance with the battery maintenance, contact Swift Battery Specialist at +65 8858 9959 and we will advise you.