Car Battery Replacement

When, Where and How To Get Car Battery Replacement in Singapore?

Car battery is one of the least considered components of the car components family which is always taken for granted that it will work. However, it is important to understand that every car battery has maximum lifespan of 3-7 years, depending on the regular maintenance and proper servicing. As per report from a leading media, the most common and top reason for car breakdown is Car Battery whether it is Singapore or United States. People often forget about regular maintenance of their car batteries that it leaves them stranded on the way during long trips. So, in this article we discussed about the What, When, Where and How of car battery replacement in Singapore.

Let’s first understand the basics of the car battery. The common mistake most of the drivers make is to avoid this topic. Basic information of car battery can also help at times to understand the signs given by battery for servicing.

Almost all the cars come with the acid-lead based car batteries that are made up of six cells. The components used in the car battery cells are lead and lead oxide plates loaded with the diluted sulphuric acid. Over the period of time, the car batteries go through the degradation process known as sulfation because of which either the battery charge drops down or breaks down. So, now you understand exactly what you need to check on during every car service.

So, now the question that you have is how long an average car battery last if properly maintained on regular basis. Usually new car batteries can last up to 3-7 years depending on the driving condition, weather condition and place of maintenance. If the vehicle is frequently used in the hilly region or place where it is cold most of the year, then there are chances that the battery can be drained faster than other regions. As Singapore has a moderate climate, one can expect the life efficiency of car battery from 3-7 years on average.

In order ensure that your battery lasts longer than the rest, there are few things you should take in to consideration. There are few signs of car batteries that help you understand that they are failing.

Starting Problem

If you are facing inconsistent starting problem with your car then you need to immediately get your car battery checked. The simple reason why the car battery is not able to generate power or ignite the engine is because of discharged battery condition or some part of the car is draining the battery power. Search for the professional and expert team of car battery mechanics in Singapore to inspect the condition.

Cranking Sound or Fluid Leak

If your car is making cranking sound while starting the engine or if there is some fluid leak around the car battery then it needs professional car battery specialist team. In order to check whether the cranking sound is because of the low power of battery or engine parts, choose to visit the car service station. Mostly the fluid will look green in colour which is acid leaked from the battery so do not touch with bare hands. Choose to contact the car battery servicing team in Singapore to check the battery condition.

Sluggish Car Electronics

If your car electronic is not activating properly or becoming sluggish at times then it is time to get the car battery checked. Over using the car in the same condition can impact the car battery condition so contact the car battery servicing team in Singapore.

So, how can you ensure that your car battery is not drained because of additional unnecessary components or internal leakages!

  • Try to avoid frequent start and stop during a short trip so that the battery can be saved
  • Try to ignore high beam lights unless and until it is of great importance in daily rountine
  • Try to remove huge speakers that can consume lot of car battery energy leading to short life
  • Try to remove the extra interior lights which looks beautiful but discharges the car battery speedily
  • Check for any kind of internal leakage which can lead to car battery charge drained overnight

If even after following all the procedures, if your battery does not work then what should you do to immediate car battery replacement in Singapore?

When you visit any car battery replacement centre, the mechanic will test the battery condition with the device known as battery tester. Some of the battery look broken and dead due to discharge but can regain power on charging it with charging system. If your car battery is really very old and not rechargeable then the final option is to replace your car battery as early as possible.

If you choose to replace car battery in Singapore, then ask for battery testing report which indicates the points because of which the car battery capacity has reduced. A professional car battery replacement and servicing team will also have the right option of battery depending on the make and model of the car. Choose the right option and select branded car batteries instead of low-cost available with low quality built.

We hope the above information will be useful for you keep your car battery in proper condition. If you have any query regarding car battery in Singapore or need immediate assistance with car battery replacement then contact us, Swift Battery Specialist at +65 8858 9959.