Fixed a Hole in Car Tire

How To Fix The Hole In Your Car Tyre

Which is the most important component of your car that you think demands least servicing but lasts longer? Car steering, breaks, seat-belts or car engine… If you feel car engine is most important component then it is incorrect because Car Tyres are the essential and only thing that comes directly in contact with the roads, makes you comfortable even in the horrible roads yet demands least servicing.

Most of the people service their cars on regular basis but often forget to check/repair/service the tyres on regular basis. Because of the standard condition of the tyres, the car steering is able to drive you properly and steadily even in zit-zag roads. If the traction is not good in the wet roads then there are chances, the car may slip and skit on the roads. So it is very important to keep track of the car tyres aging, maintenance and repairing.

How to Maintain Your Tyres?

Regardless of what type of car tyres or model you have, it is imperative for everyone to maintain the tyres to prevent damage or excessive wear n tear. At least once in a month, one should follow the below exercise to ensure there is no issues with the tyres.

  • Check the tyres pressure whenever you visit gas station
  • Check the tread depth of the car tyres – the legal minimum is 1.6 mm
  • Check if there is any kind of bulging/cracks in any of the car tyres
  • Check if there is something stuck in the car from inner and outer side of the tyres
  • Always ask the car servicing mechanic to check the tyres while servicing the car

Following these routine checkups will not only prevent the tyres from getting punctured or flat but also enhance their life to much extent.

In case you have flat tyres while driving on highway or some location where availing car tyres repairing centre help is difficult then you should know how to change or repair the flat tyre on your own. By following the below steps, you will be able to easily repair the punctured tyre with a patch and then drive it to the nearby car tyre repairing centre.

So, How to Repair a Flat Car Tyre on Your Own?

The most inconvenience thing in a car is a flat tyre and empty tank which makes it lifeless. Keeping a spare tyre and tools to change the tyre on your own is recommended. With basic knowledge and help of tools available in the car tool kit, you will be able to follow the straightforward process and repair the car tyre.

  1. Finding the leakage

The first important thing before starting the process is to identify the exact area where the leakage has occurred. In order to find the leakage area in the car tyre, you will have to inflate tyre using inflating tool provided in the car tools kit. As this process can take some time to identify the right leakage, move your car to roadside on a flat surface.

  1. Inspect the tyre

Once the car tyre is flattened, inspect visually and wear gloves to check the car tyre has any crack, object inserted in tyre or cuts in the tyre using hands. If you are able to find any cuts/crack or object that is protruding from the tyre then you have identified the leakage.

  1. Look for the hissing sound

Even in the flattened tyre, you will be able to hear the hissing sound coming from the tyre which makes it easier to locate the leakage and location which needs immediate repair. In some of the cases, there are chances that there might be multiple holes/cracks from where the air is leaking. In such case all the leakages will have to be treated. Mark the areas of leakage using a chalk stick or marker so that you remember.

  1. Mix Soap and water

In order reconfirm the exact location of the hole/crack in the tyre, use the mix of soap and water. Pour the soapy water on the leakage area, if you see bubbles forming on the exact location then clean that area and mark the exact location with marker/chalk piece.

  1. Fixing the car tyre using puncture sealant

Keeping a car sealant or rubber sealant is always recommended so that you can simply pump in the sealant or apply the rubber sealant in the leakage area to repair any fattened tyre. Once you have marked the areas where you need to repair car tyre, need to remove any object inserted in the tyre. You can also use the insertion tool to clean the hole where the object was stuck.

  • Plug-in the car tyre sealant

One of the options is to unlock the nozzle of the car tyre sealant and plug-it into the air nozzle in the tyre. Open the nozzle so that the car sealant content can be released inside the tyre. The car sealant is in the liquid form which automatically releases and when car tyre is rotated, it evenly distributes at different areas where the leakage occurred. Rotating the car tyre also prevents the car sealant from forming lumps in the tyre. Using this option will ensure that the tyre leakage is repaired from the inner side without any further leakage occurring.

  • Use rubber sealant

Another option is to apply the rubber sealant from the outer side of tyre by which you can close the leakage area exactly from the outer part of the tyre. In this case, the car tyre has to be properly inspected after applying the sealant.

Some people follow both the process to ensure the car tyre is repaired from inside and outer side.

  1. Replace the tyre

In case the tyre is irreparable then the only option that you are left with is to remove the damaged tyre and use the spare tyre. For replacing tyre, you will have to unlock the lugs to remove the wheel from the car. Use the floor jack to life the vehicle and remove the car wheel.

Insert the spare car wheel and check the air pressure. If it is adequate to drive to nearby tyre service centre then re-install the spare wheel in the car by tightening the lugs back. Lower the floor jack and check if the car wheel is able to take the weight. Drive to the nearby car service centre and get professional car check including all the tyres.

We hope the above information is useful to you. We recommend that you change the tyre after every 20,000 miles to keep-up the car performance. If you need more information regarding car services, car tyre servicing or car tyre repairing then give us a call on +65 8858 9959.