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Five Ways To Prevent Car Battery From Dying

A car depends on the battery to start the engine and power all the electrical components so you can drive smoothly to your office, college or wherever you want to. At some point in time, your car stops working or takes time to start due to a weak battery. Often car battery caught off guard with no warning. You can’t prevent your battery from losing its charge naturally and at some point in time, you need to do the car battery replacement.

There can be many reasons such as age, driving skills, deform shape and weather conditions etc that can affect the car battery. The battery is an important part of the car that’s why it is expensive. The car battery needs to be maintained properly as it is one of the main components in the car, if any slight complication happens then it can affect the other parts also. So it is better to take care of the car battery if you have not. In this blog you can learn few ways to avoid the dead car battery to save your extra money:-

1. Always Look Out For Car Battery Warning Signs

When your car battery began to weak or runs in low power it starts giving warning signals as you don’t want to get stranded in an unknown place without any help due to the car battery. At first, you might notice that when you turn on the engine cranks slowly means your battery is about to die. Another reason can be due to dimming headlights than before, which is an obvious clue that your battery is at the last stage. There can be many warning signs such as bad smell, corroded battery terminals, bloated battery and malfunction in electrical components that means you should take your car to a mechanic and in the worst case you have to replace the car battery.

In some cases you won’t see any warning signs, still, you need to check if the battery drained because you left the lights on or some other electrical devices such as Bluetooth etc. Doing a car battery jump-start can be an option to charge but if it fails then the only option is to replace the battery.

2. Know Your Car Battery’s Age

On average a car battery lives up to three to five years, every car owner must know their car battery’s age if you don’t then worry not. Open the hood of your car and check your car battery if you are lucky then you can see the battery’s date. This will help to know the battery’s age and when to replace it. Keep a close eye on your car battery if it crosses more than 3 years then the battery may start to malfunction by then.

3. Replace Your Battery If It Is Needed

Batteries live up to three to five years. In that period if your car battery starts acting up then take your car to the mechanic near your home. Since the car battery is an important part of the car, one should always test the battery if it fails then you need to replace the car battery.

4. Get a Battery Test From A Garage

When it comes to the condition of the battery never ignore it. Rather than getting stuck with a dead battery, one must test it from the garage. Sometimes the connections can often get corroded due to external factors or your driving habits which can worsen your car battery, so the testing battery is necessary. Testing car battery ensures that how much life is left and knows when it needs to be replaced which can be useful for the car owners.

5. Maintain Your Car Battery

The car battery should be visually inspected by you and as well as by the mechanic to check the corrosion in the battery terminals or any other faults. Look for any chalky white substance in the battery terminals as it can cause great damage to the battery and affects its electrical conduction. It is better to clean the corrosion from a brush and cover it with grease connecting with a battery, which helps to prevent the corrosion from forming in the battery terminals.

The water in the battery can be evaporated in summer, so adding distilled water to the battery will be useful to keep it charged. One should take precautions such as wearing and goggles while adding distilled water to the battery as it contains sulphuric acid which can burn your skin, create holes in your clothes and danger to the explosion. If by mistake you came in contact with the acid then nullify it with the solution of water and baking soda.


A car battery is an essential part of the car, without a good battery you won’t be able to start your car. Today’s car batteries last longer than before but it has become difficult to predict when they will die, so for that one should regularly do the car battery inspection and take all the measures to avoid a dead car battery or else you need to do the car battery replacement.

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