Car Battery Maintenance

Essential Car Battery Maintenance Safety Tips and Techniques

The most important part of any car engine is the battery which keeps your engine up and running. But the problem with most of the car owners is that they take car batteries for granted and consider that it doesn’t need any kind of maintenance or regular servicing. It is correct, but at the same time it does not demand as much servicing as other parts, but monthly or bi-monthly health check-up enhances the life of the battery.

Although car batteries need to be managed by professional car battery technicians’ team but if you have some basic knowledge then you can also manage it yourself. It is part of the primary car care so if you are not using your car on regular basis then you should keep track every month. For those who are concerned about their car batteries and wish to enhance its life with basic maintenance procedures, we have listed some of the safety tips and techniques that can help you.

Car Battery Charging Limit

The car battery should not be ever charged fully otherwise it can damage the internal components. Even if the car is not used for several days, the car battery needs charging as it gets drained. Some of the cars also have the car battery energy level meter through which you can come to know. If you do not have the feature in your car then you can get it checked whenever you visit any car battery technician service station.

Car Battery Cleaning

Just like the car exterior, interior, engines or even car tyres need proper cleaning, car batteries are not different. Checking your car battery, removing the dust and stains and ensuring there is no fluid leakage is important. All the powerful car batteries are made up of acidic and lead based materials so if you try to clean use safety gloves and eyewear. Use small brush and baking soda to clean it thoroughly. If you have to remove the car battery from the slot then first understand how to fix car battery back or take help from car battery technicians.

Car Battery Jump Starting

Car Needs Jump Start
It is a common scenario when the car has not been used for few days or months. The battery charge is drained and it needs to be jump started for which you will need the car battery charger and safety gears. Before starting the jump starting procedures, ensure the car engine is off and devices like phone, chargers, etc. are unplugged. Attach the red clip to the positive terminal and black clip to the negative. Attach one by one and ensure it is properly attached. Improper attachment of the terminals can burn the electrical system of your car. So, if you are not clear how to jump start, choose professional car battery jump start service station.

Car Battery Charging

For those who are unaware, the car engine has been designed in such a way that the battery can charge itself while the car is driven. However, the battery starts charging only at the speed of 60km/hr and above. So if you have not driven the car for a while and plan for a road trip then first charge the battery to its permitted limit. Use open and ventilated area to charge the battery and do not charge under extreme temperatures. If you need professional assistance then visit the nearby car battery service station.

Car Battery Specifications

The car battery size, slot in the engine deck and specifications depends on the make and model of the car. So, if you want to replace car engine or get it repaired use the standard specifications given in the car manual. Even if that is not helpful then visit the car service station to get the exact details of your car battery. However, it is always recommended to use the branded car batteries than falling for low quality and cheap priced batteries. All branded batteries come with 3-5 years of warranty so you take benefit of the same in case if there is any fault.


If you plan to charge the battery, remove or maintain yourself then do follow the safety instructions given in the manual. Moreover, if you are not sure which tools to use then search online to avoid injuries. Always turn off the engine, check it is not hot and remove electrical devices before touching the battery terminals. Do not try to open the car battery or touch the fluid leaking from it with naked hands. Keep flammable items way and take professional help wherever needed.

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