Diagnose Tyres

How to Diagnose Your Car Tyre Problems and Tips to Maintain It

Your car tyres are the only things that come in direct contact with the roads when you are enjoying the smooth drive. Regardless of the type of bumpy or broken road you drive upon, the tyres and shockers take the complete load to give you the best experience. One of the common problems that most of the cars face is also because of the car tyres. In such case, it is very important to understand how to diagnose car problems with car tyres so that it can be timely repaired or replaced. As the tyres of each car are of different make and models it is our only suggestion to always choose a professional and experienced car tyre repairing or replacing team.

Based on the common queries, problems faced by car owners, we have listed some of the common car tyre problems which you can diagnose beforehand and use the tips to enhance its life.

Problem 1 – Car Tyres Inflation

Improper car tyre inflation is the most common problem which reduces the performance and life of the tyre. Depending on your car tyre size and pressure gauge it is important to regularly inflate accurately. The simple reason car tyres should be properly inflated because over inflated tyres loses road grip while driving and under inflated tyres cause wear and tear problems. You can check use the car tyre pressure gauge to check whether to inflate or deflate.

Problem 2 – Cracking and Bulging

Keep track of car servicing on regular basis and ask the mechanic team to thoroughly check the tyres. If you observe any kind of crack or bulging in the tyre sidewalls then get it immediately repaired. This commonly happens because of the over inflated tyres that lands up in potholes.

Problem 3 – Heat Damage

Some of the drivers have the habit of driving the car at speed which results in heated tyres causing damage to it. Frequently driving is not has the risk of losing control but also damages the tyres which needs immediate replacement without much time to repair it. Control your speed, drive safe and keep the tyre temperature under control.

Problem 4 – Tyre Alignment

Each and every car has a standard alignment of the tyres and if there is even slightest difference in it, you can experience the difference while driving. Sometimes the car feels jumpy while it turns one side (left or right). This can cause loss of control and result hazardous during long drive. Moreover, the tyres are badly affected because of the misalignment which can be easily repaired at professional car tyre service station.

Problem 5 – Wear and Tear

The longevity of the car tyres depends on several factors like car make/model, tyre sizes, driving style, roads, etc. However, it is recommended that after an average age of 5 years as 10 years is too much, you should look for good quality car tyres. Purchase new tyres from professional car tyre service station so that you do not end up with unbranded car tyres. The regular wear and tear causes over the period so replacement is the best option.

If you are looking for car tyre replacement then it is always suggested to use the same size of car tyres as using bigger or smaller size of tyres than the standard can cause performance issues with the car. Bigger tyres can reduce the speed and smaller may or may not take the load. If your Car Tyre Punctured and need repair, contact Swift Battery Specialist friendly staff at +65 8858 9959.