Technician is repairing car flat tire

How to Detect Slow Puncture in Your Car Tyres and What to Do Next?

Your car relaying many signals to highlight the problem it is facing. As a smart car driver, if you are able to understand the signals then you can easily understand the issues beforehand. Whether it is your car tyres, electronic systems or light lamps. Electrical and electronic malfunctions will not disturb the performance as much as the punctured tyre in a car.

If you are having a slow puncture in the car tyre then how would you detect it? Is it okay to use the same tyre with less pressure or it should be amended immediately? What are the major reasons for slow punctures in car tyres?

What should be done next if detected?

In order to answer your questions related to the slow puncture in car tyres, we have listed a few things that will be of interest to you.

First Thing First – Car Tyre Safety

Just like your driving experience and the safety of your passengers depends on the car tyres, it is also important for the car owners to ensure periodically that the vehicle tyres are serviced properly. It is important that owners check if there are any cracks, bulging or any kind of broken piece stuck in the tyres.

Technician is repairing car flat tire

How would you know if your car tyre has any slow puncture?

As mentioned clearly in the driving tests that you should give a visual inspection before driving your car in the driveway. Most often car owners forget this suggestion due to their busy schedules and get stuck on the highway. If you take the visual inspection of the car then there are few things to note

  • Does the car tyre size look different from any angle?
  • Does any of the car tyres look more deflated?
  • Is there some kind of bulging on any specific tyre?
  • Does any of the car tyre look saggy?
  • While driving if your car gets right or left side due to pressure?

So, these are some of the basic inspection that you can do before driving the car to the driveway. If the tyres are completely inflated and you are the highway then it is important that you have the knowledge of tyre numbers or size of the tyres used for your car. Moreover, you would also like to check if there is any inside the tyre tread like nails, pins or some sharp object that has pierced in. Removing it from tyre will further deflate it and if you put water in the affected area you will be able to see the air bubbles coming from it. So, if you know how to repair then you can spot the puncture and use appropriate tools to seal it.

How to spot slow puncture while driving the car?

If you are driving and if you feel that the car is slightly sliding towards any direction (not because of the road) then you need to check if the tyres are properly inflated or not. Secondly, after reducing the audio volume, if you are able to hear some ticking sound from the back of the wheel like some foreign body is stuck with the car body or tyre then you need to slow down and take complete inspection.

In most cases, if there is a slow puncture in the car tyre then you will be able to spot immediately as you will find a major difference in the car performance and it will pull to one side. Even if there are no bumps on the road and if your car tyres feel bumpy then it is also a major signal. In all such cases, drive the car to the side of the road and then complete the inspection.

How to check the pressures of the car tyres?

Air pressures play a major role in not only avoiding the tyre punctures but also enhancing the life of car tyres. If you are unable to take your car for servicing on regular basis then at least check the air pressure at gas stations and other outlets where you get free access. In fact, there are many professional car mechanics and car tyre puncture repairing service providers who can visit your home or office to make a health checkup of your vehicle. Alternately, you can also purchase an air pump or pressure gauge to check.

Should you repair the car tyre puncture yourself?

Repairing car tyre sounds easy but it also needs some skills and knowledge of clearly making the insertion (incase tubless) or using solvents. The puncture could have caused because of many reasons like:

  • sharp objects on the road
  • problem with the tyre tread
  • issues with the tyre rim
  • more air pressure
  • breaking issues

Some punctures can be repaired at own end but if the damage is large then it always recommended to choose professional car tyre repairing service. The entire car tyre’s sidewalls should be inspected if there is some sharp object stuck inside. Special tools might be needed to remove the tyre, inspect puncture, repair, and reinstall.

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In order to avoid such conditions, always have a spare wheel that you can install immediately or speak with the car tyre puncture service providers to get it repaired. Do not ignore even a small signal during your inspection and keep track of the tyre details.