car doesn't start after replacing battery

Battery replacement won’t start your car? Check these things

Maintaining a car is a big challenge. Especially when it comes to batteries, things get complicated and hectic. It’s not a very pleasant experience when your battery stops responding. In this case, even after turning the key to the ignition mode, the car won’t start.

Most of the time, replacing the battery is the only option left. But what to do if the car doesn’t start even after replacing the battery? What if, even after spending so much on a brand-new battery, the car doesn’t respond? Well, you don’t have to panic as this article is about what things you should check if the battery replacement won’t start your car.

Car Won’t Start with New Battery? Here’s what you should check!

  • Check if the battery is installed correctly.
  • One of the most frequently seen issues is that the battery needs to be installed correctly or in the correct way. Check if the battery is installed in the battery box in the position mentioned in the car manual. One must remember not to touch the battery while the ignition is on, as it can be very dangerous to do so. Check whether the wires are fixed correctly on the engine or not. The terminals attached to the battery shouldn’t be easily movable. They need to be fixed very tightly to the battery. If they are moving, then you must open and re-torque them.

    One of the most common occurrences that one faces when it comes to installing the battery is the reversal of polarity. It means that there can be chances that the negative cable is attached to the battery’s positive terminal and the other positive cable to the negative one. This might damage the alternator very heavily. It can even lead to wire meltdown and can certainly be a cause of short circuits in the car.

  • Leaving the lights on
  • Leaving the lights of your car can easily drain the battery. One must understand that this might not be the case in modern cars with automatic light control. But if you have a car that has manual control, then leaving the lights on can drain all your battery. This might even happen if there is a defect in the switches or the control of these lights. The dashboard light or even other exteriors that are operated by the battery can get damaged, and this can lead to drainage of the battery.

    Fix the problem and it’s done. There won’t be any drainage of the battery.

  • A Bad or Defective Starter
  • A bad or defective starter can easily mimic a drained or bad battery. If the starter is defective, then all you will hear is a click sound. This won’t let you start the car, and one can easily get confused regarding the battery. If you have installed a new battery and still the problem persists, you must have a look at the starter.

  • Blown Fuse
  • A blown fuse can also be a cause of the defect. A fuse can get blown when a certain unit of the car is consuming more electricity. This is also a huge problem. The fuse getting blown can be indicative of short circuits and even burned coil. Now, finding the blown fuse can need some special expertise in the field. If you are not an expert with the car engine, then we suggest staying away from the engine. Get expert help and go for a full engine check-up to get the fuse fixed.

    On the other hand, always remember that the fuse gets blown due to a particular reason. It would be best if you got the issue fixed, or it can reoccur, and further, the new fuse will also get blown.

  • Alternator Issues
  • If there is a defect in the alternator, the battery won’t retain the recharge. Even if you use a new battery, it won’t retain any charge with a defective alternator. There can be an issue with the alternator when you jump-start the car with the reverse polarity of the battery. If you have done such a jump start, then it is better to get your alternator checked.

  • Engine
  • Sometimes the problem is all about the main engine, and we keep looking for different problems. If you have checked all of the points mentioned above, then it’s high time to check your engine. Getting your engine checked can be very time-consuming and, on the other hand, requires expert people. Get it done before it causes permanent damage to the engine.


We have listed some of the things you need to check if your car won’t start after a car battery replacement. We hope these tips will help you get your car flying once more on the road.