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Car Tyre Size and Types For Better Car Performance and Smoother Rides

The aesthetical appeal of the car, engine, interiors, features and horsepower are few of the things that steal the attractions when anyone starts talking about car. One of the least discussed topics is the car tires which are essential part of the overall performance, speed and reliability of the vehicle.

The only thing that comes direct in contact with the road is your car tires. It makes a great impact if you have the right size of tires to enhance the performance. Most of the car owners tend to increase their car tyre size or wheels so that it completely changes the overall look and design of the vehicle. But choosing the right size of wheels and tyres is primary and important step of upsizing.

Before moving to the segment of upsizing the tyres and wheels, it is important to understand the sizes available and types of wheel in the market.

Most of the people do not think about the diameter or size of the tyre while purchasing a car or tyre for an instance. Majority of people believe in the brand, quality of the tyre and guarantee/warranty available with the tyre. At the max, people compare the prices or the reviews. There are several other points that you need to know before purchasing or upsizing your car tyres.

There are different sizes of tyres like 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 22. If you are not aware of the tyre size used in your car then you can check the manual or get advice from car professional. With the increasing size of the tyre, your car gets more stability, smoother ride and performance. The car brakes can easily accommodate the rotors and provide better stopping power. Larger wheels make your car look beastly and huge.

So the most of you must be wondering that how can tire size or upsizing the wheel can increase the performance?

The concept of plus-size actually means when the size of the wheel’s diameter increases automatically the tyre sidewalls shrink to maintain the overall diameter. If the sidewalls of the tyre are not taken into consideration then you might end up putting too much load on the suspension, get incorrect speedometer and ultimately damage the wheels.

You need to keep the tyre and wheel diameter within the limits of the fenders and map it with the speedometer. Even if the wheel size increases by 1 inch then the tyre diameter should reduce accordingly. Upsized wheels with larger tyres improve the handling, performance and speed. You will find wheel and tyre with almost same diameter in larger wheels only.

Does fuel economy suffer due to the upsizing of wheels & tyres?

When we talk about performance, speed automatically becomes a central point in automobiles. Due to increased weight of the wheels and tyres, the fuel economy is slightly reduced, that is just around 10% of economy. For example, the weight of 18 inch tyre will be higher than the 16-inch or 17-inch tyres. But it offers better grip and long lasting performance compared to its younger generations.

The overall acceleration of the car engine may minimally reduce by few due to the increase in the size of tyres. Car engine will have to work bit harder to run the entire vehicle with additional load. However, it also largely depends on how the car is being handled and driven on regular basis. Rash driving will deteriorate the engine performance and fuel economy.

Can all types of cars be upgraded to larger wheels and tyres?

If you have checked out some of the latest cars in the market then you will observe that almost all the cars in the market come with larger tyres. It is just like removing the old shoes of your car and adding nice pair of large shoes that can fit appropriately with the body and size of the car. However, earlier base level cars have very small tyres which are difficult to upgrade. Depending on the professional inspection and car design or model, it can be suggested. It is not recommended to go beyond the required plus size as it can adversely affect the suspension and spring leading to radical change or damage.

Does the price of plus size tyres increase with the diameter?

If you are upgrading from smaller wheel base to larger base then it will cost you some money. Basically, depending on the choice of wheels and quality of tyres, the cost will increase. If you buy larger alloy wheels with tyre package then the cost might not be so high. But if you purchase car wheels and tyres separately then there are chances you will end up paying more amount. So choosing the tyre specialist who can suggest the best options for your car is recommended.

Do we need professional to change the wheels and tyres?

As the changes in the car wheel include minor alteration with the breaking system, rotors and speedometer, you will need the right skills and tools to amend yourself. It is always recommended to choose trusted professional car wheels and tyre consultants like Swift Battery Specialist who has a professional team and experience of handling a wide range of cars from various brands.

If you are planning for car tyre replacement or car tyre repair, then we recommend you to choose the right professional so that you do not damage it. Swift Battery Specialist has the professional equipment to replace and repair your tyre.

If you wish to keep your car tyres long-lasting and in great shape then the air pressure and tyre should be regularly checked. Tyre pressure have a big impact on your driving experience, Car tyre pressure affect the comfort and safety of your car, to increase the life of car tyre and keep them in good condition it is important to follow the basic car tyre maintenance tips and a regular tyre pressure check.

Any unobserved damage can lead to change of tyre and in worst case damage the wheel as well. Along with the vehicle servicing also ask the tyre specialist to check the tyres on regular basis to avoid any kind of risks. All tyres have limited lifespan, so after 5-7 years, you can plan to change all the tyres and add new fittings. This will help you maintain the overall performance of the car and enhance its life.