Check car tyre pressure

About Car Tyre Pressure and Routine Maintenance

As per the car experts, people consider cars as one of their most important investments in life and growth factor. Once purchased, owners take good care of their car engine, interiors, and exteriors but car tyres and car batteries are two things that are least taken cared by the car owners. If the car tyres are not given proper care, then it will not only spoil your daily routine but also add expenses to your monthly budget. Moreover, flat car tyres can lead to bad fuel economy and gas expenses also.

But all these problems can be avoided if you can take just some care about the car tyres. All you need to do is just check the air pressure on regular basis and follow maintenance of the tyres. In order to provide complete details of car tyre pressure and maintenance services, we have covered most of the topics that will help you.

How to check car tyre air pressure?

Air pressure in your car or truck tyres can make significant difference in its performance and mileage as well. With proper tyre air pressure, the optimal inflation makes the vehicle drive more comfortably. Even in the rigid weathers like heavy rain, icy weather or brutal summers. As car tyres do not have any kind of gauge as provided for the fuel, you need to check the air pressure on regular basis.

You should check the car user manual for the right air pressure required for your car. Each make and model of the car has different tyres and depending on the size of the car tyres, the air pressure also differs. The air pressure needed in truck tyres are different than the air pressure needed in the car tyres. Almost all the cars and tyre manufacturers work together to choose the size, make and tread pattern that is best suitable for the new vehicle models.

It is always recommended to stick to the same size of the tyre as used by car manufacturer and ideally the same brand. You can get the complete details of your car tyre from the user manual PSI listings. You can find the same in your car glove box which will include the tyre size, weight, air pressure, etc.

But, how often should you check the car tyre air pressure?

Checking air pressure is not a rocket science, there are tools available using which you can instantly check the air pressure right at home. If you do not have the tools, you can get it checked at any gas station also. Normally, when you start for long drive from one city to another, it is always recommended to check the air pressure at home using tyre air pressure gauge. Below are the steps to use the air pressure gauge:

  • Remove the end caps on the tyre air valves
  • Place the tyre pressure gauge and press to get a reading
  • Check the details provided in the PSI listing and compare it with reading.
  • If the reading is higher then remove some air from the tyre by pressing the valve or if it is less then you need to fill air in the tyre
  • Take 2-3 readings so that there is no anomalies

After a month of maintenance on regular basis, you will come to know the difference in the performance of the car. Even after routine check-up, if you feel that the air is getting leaked or you have some sort issues in the tyre then you will have to get it replaced.

How will you know when to replace your tyres?

There are several reasons like faulty valves, cracks on the outer walls of the tyres or leakage, etc. which can unfortunately result in the replacement of the tyre. It is better to replace faulty tyres at the earliest so that you avoid the issues before it turns into a problem. Below are different types of issues that you can check yourself and decide on the severity of the tyre repair needed.

Uneven Tread Wear

  • Uneven tread wear is one of the common causes because of which result in replacing the car tyre.
  • Under or over inflating the car tyres can cause rapid wear in the edges of the car tyre.
  • Similarly, faulty brakes or shock absorbs can also lead to more pressure on the tyres.
  • Frequent use of the vehicle on uneven roads or hitting pot holes can disrupt the alignment of steering settings. Ultimately, it can also lead to result in rapid wearing of tyres and lead to replacement.

Damaged Tyre

Damaged Tyre After Tyre Explosion

  • Any kind of cuts, cracks, or abrasion can easily penetrate deep inside the fabric of the car tyre which can cause sudden flat tyres or even blow-out in worst conditions.
  • Any tyre that is damaged by nail or sharp elements on the road can be repaired for an instance.
  • But, if the metal has completely torn the fabric or the rubber part off the tyre then it will have to be replaced.

Unbalanced Wheel Alignment

  • In order to keep the tread in proper contact with the road, it is important that the wheel and the tyre are in proper alignment.
  • Even due to minor accident or heavy goods transport, the wheel alignment can be imbalance. In such case it is important that the vehicle is elevated using the jack and wheel is spun by hand.
  • In case the unbalanced wheel does not stop then you need to immediately contact the professional car tyre repair service centre.
  • Most of the car tyre repair centres have computerized electronic wheel balancer which can accurately align the wheels within minutes.

So based on the above issues, you can identify whether it is severe issue or repairable issue. Accordingly, you can decide whether to replace the tyres or maintain using basic repairs. Most of the high end cars built after 2005 do have pressure monitoring system, but not in all the cars.

How can you take care of your car tyres and maintain it?

Apart from tyre pressure check, there are few more things which will help you in extend the life of your car tyres. As tyres are the only thing that comes in direct contact with the roads, it is highly essential that they are in very good condition, especially if you are planning to hit a road trip. You do not have to change the tyres often, just few simple care will make sure that they have a long lasting life.

Inspecting your car tyres regularly

Atleast once a week, check your car tyres for any kind of cuts, abrasion or cracks appearing on the outer walls. Similarly, check the inner walls of the tyres at any service centre for any kind of damage in the tyres. Regular inspection of tyres helps you to avoid the damage as well as problems that may occur. Professional inspection once in three months is recommended for all types of vehicles, especially heavy vehicles.

Respecting the load capacity of the vehicle

Each and every vehicle comes with a defined load capacity, whether it is car or loading truck. Depending on the load capacity of the vehicle, the tyres are also designed to take the bare the weight. Exceeding beyond the load index can result in damaged tyres and premature failure.

Driving in controlled speed

Driving cars at increased speed ultimately results in rapid wear and tear of the tyres. Due to the road hazards and heat built-up, tyres lose their life and in case there is rapid air loss due to any kind of puncture then there are chances of tyre explosion. So, driving in controlled speed is recommended.

Using spare tyre

Man using a spare tyre
In case you find some cracks or damage on any of the tyres currently used, remove and swap it with the spare wheel. Get the existing tyre repaired fully and then use in place of the spare tyre. In this way, you can keep your car rolling as well as enhance the life of the tyres also.

Keep air pressure check

We would like to again recommend the same point, because without maintaining proper air pressure, tyres will not perform and lose their life rapidly. At different weather, the loss of air pressure is different. So, according to the weather, you need to maintain the air pressure.

However, tyres also have a fix timeline. There comes a time when they have to be replaced depending on the number of years, kilometers driven, driving style, etc. Climatic conditions and maintenance also plays a major role in the same. Taking proper care of the car tyres, ensuring alignment, timely replacement and following load capacity offers better performance of the car and helps in saving fuel economy.

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