Car Battery Maintenance Tips

Battery Jumpstart and Other Car Battery Tips You Shouldn’t Miss

The battery is one of the most essential parts of a car or any other vehicle. However, it is mostly left untreated by car owners. Most car owners are of the reactive type, meaning they only take their cars to repair shops when their car battery breaks down or stops working as expected. This leads them to go for either a car battery jump start or car battery replacement, depending on the situation the car has gone through.

Most car battery related costs can be minimized. A car battery that is properly taken care of on a regular basis can greatly help in preventing shocking and unexpected costs that may arrive due to the side effects of a bad car battery. Various kinds of tips can come in handy for taking good care of the car battery. For example, most car batteries are known to break down in extreme weather conditions.

This is where tips related to car battery jump start can be truly beneficial for car owners. These tips may assist a car owner in addressing an issue and get the car back on the road in no time. With that said, here are some tips one shouldn’t miss out on:

Tips to perform a car battery jump start

  1. Before performing a car battery jump start procedure, ensure that the car battery and the source used to jump start the car have the same voltage. For example, if the voltage of the car battery is 12 volts then the voltage for the source should be 12 volts as well.
  2. One must always turn off all kinds of electric supplies across the car. Apart from this, one must also ensure that no components must be in contact with each other.
  3. The gears of the car should be set back to the neutral position.
  4. When it comes to terminals, cars must have the same ones earthed properly. These cables should be devoid of any kind of damage.
  5. One must prefer to have a look at the manufacturer’s instruction manual for best outcomes while performing car battery jump start.
  6. Refrain connecting the negative terminal on the battery to the black cable. It is quite dangerous and has the potential of causing an explosion.
  7. Never attempt to connect loose or naked wires to the car battery. Improper handling can short out electrical components across the car.
  8. One must always insist on performing a car battery jump start process after applying jump starter protective leads. Referring to a guide can help one perform procedures specific to electronic management systems present inside the car.

Other car battery tips

Battery maintenance

Replacing Car Battery

Following tips can be leveraged to ensure smoother operations and help a car deliver a long-lasting battery life:

  • Have a habit of getting the car battery serviced from time to time.
  • Car vents are quite delicate. Just ensure that it doesn’t get folded by the hose around the car battery. It may also be susceptible to heavy damage by the exhaust system. Keep the vent plugs tightened properly for best outcomes.
  • The electrical system is susceptible to a lot of short circuits and failures. Ensure the electrical system is working efficiently by checking the regulator voltage setting once in a while.
  • If the car runs out of electrolytes, ensure that the filled water is distilled. Refrain to add acidic fluids and top up only till the maximum line.
  • A clean car battery goes a long way. Always ensures that the battery’s roof is clean and dry.
  • Terminals of the battery and clamps often get rusted if left exposed. Applying lubricants like petroleum jelly or Vaseline can help lubricate things easily. Refrain to apply grease as it may cause issues.
  • The car battery must be firmly attached to the cradle. Additionally, the contact of lead wire and clamps must be done properly for seamless operation.

Battery Handling tips

Battery Maintenance

Most kinds of batteries have an explosive nature. The same holds for car batteries. Following tips can help ease the process of handling a car battery:

  • Battery acid is hazardous. So, if it starts leaking and spilling onto clothes or skin while holding a car battery, ensure that it is immediately rinsed off with a solution of plain water and baking soda.
  • If the acid happens to enter the eyes, ensure that it is immediately washed off with clean and cold water for at least 5 minutes. One must also seek medical advice for safety.
  • If a person happens to have swallowed battery acid by mistake, then that person must quickly resort to large volumes of eggs, vegetable oil, and milk of magnesia. Additional medical guidance is also suggested.
  • The car battery may produce a lot of heat and gases as it leaks and potentially, explode. Therefore, one must always cover their eye.
  • Ensure that the person handling a car battery works in extensively spaced and well-ventilated areas. Refraining to work in closed and compact areas is the ideal way to be safe and secure.
  • Ensure to turn off the ignition and battery charger before the battery is disconnected.
  • Most car batteries are affected by extreme weather conditions. Ensure that the car is stored at proper locations such as garages and warehouses so that the car batteries are least affected by the weather while they are parked.

Battery Recycling tips

Used batteries must always be disposed of carefully. Safe disposal not only ensures that the planet stays free of harmful lead but also prevents endangering other lives on the planet.

  • Avoid disposing of the car battery in unauthorized smelting locations. Open furnaces are usually categorized as unauthorized smelters. Preventing this action can reduce unnecessary lead emissions and prevent environmental pollution.
  • Always emphasize returning used car batteries to authorized dealers.

These wraps up some of the most essential car battery jump start and other car battery tips that one shouldn’t miss out on. However, at the end of the day, one must always remember that the car battery is an electrical device. It is bound to outlast its life one day or the other. Factors like weather, temperature, driving habits, and age play a crucial role in determining the life of a car battery. Hence, one must always insist on regularly visiting maintenance shops to get the most out of their car battery.