Maintenance of Car Tyres

Advantages of doing Proper Maintenance for Car Tyres

Tyres are a vital part of any vehicle and proper inflation ensures efficient mileage and performance. The tyres come into contact with the roads than any other components of the vehicle. Due to its contact with the road, it is even exposed to extreme weather conditions such as sunny, rain, snow etc which has a high chance of tyre getting damaged, then the only solution would be doing car tyre replacement.

Car tyres often get more harm due to uneven, potholed and rough roads. Not only that the tyres are also damaged by the driving habits of the owners such as speeding up, sudden brakes, quick start etc. These sorts of conditions can make your tyres wear quickly, so it is necessary to do proper maintenance for them as well.

Tyre Maintenance

Tyre maintenance is necessary for every car, as you do not want to get stuck with unrepairable car tyres. The tyres can be maintained by doing visual inspection, rotation, balancing, alignment and checking air pressure. It can reduce any possibility of a flat tyre or blowout and even the need for unnecessary tyre replacement. Here are some quick tips for proper tyre maintenance to remember.

Tips for tyre maintenance

  1. Always check your spare tyres regularly
  2. Get your wheel balancing done after every 15,000 miles
  3. Tyre repair must be done between the tread shoulders but never on the sidewalls
  4. Never use tube or sealant to repair tyres
  5. Fabric or string-based plugs should never be used in tyres.
  6. Get your wheel alignment checked once a year to ensure steering control.
  7. The tyre services and repairs must follow the tyre manufacture instructions.

Now you have an idea about proper tyre maintenance. Here are points about its benefits:-

Benefits of doing Tyre Maintenance

1. Safety and security

Investing in a car means investing in safety and comfort for the family. A tyre requires regular maintenance and improper flat tyres cause handling problems in the car. If a tyre is in poor condition then it can cause your vehicle not to accelerate, brake or steer properly. Antilock brakes and other control systems cannot work properly with tyres that are not properly inflated. When tyres are in bad condition without doing any sort of maintenance means there is a high chance of the car getting into an accident.

2. Lengthen the tyre life

Tyre maintenances such as rotation, alignment, balancing give proper tyre pressure helps to get rid of bad wear patterns, maximizes the tread life and fuel efficiency which prolongs your car tyres life. Tyre inflation pressure is a vital aspect and most overlooked aspect of the tyre maintenance program, as improper tyre inflation can cause huge damage to the tyre and overall your car.

3. Saves money

Tyres are connected to the car and if it is properly maintained then it will move more efficiently. With accurate maintenance you can save money on a couple of gas tanks depending upon the mileage you have driven. Taking good care of a car means saving a good amount of money. By doing tyre maintenance it can last longer so you can probably save the cost of one or two sets of tyres in the average lifespan of the car.

4. Consumption of fuel

A proper condition tyre gives your car a better mileage and efficient performance. With that, you get to spend less amount of money on petrol or diesel and even allows you to go between the fill-ups. As under-inflated tyres increase the rolling resistance which makes your car more struggle that makes it automatically consume more fuel.

Apart from that tread wear can also cause to huge consumption of fuel for that it is better to avoid driving carelessly such as accelerating sharply, braking and driving in low gear so there can be a less worn thread in the tyres.

5. Protecting the Environment

A tyre that is properly inflated can save fuel consumption. So it is better to do proper tyre maintenance as it could lower the release of Carbon Dioxide and other pollutants from your car entering into the atmosphere which can be a great benefit for the environment and humankind.


Tyres are essential, without them you cannot drive your car on roads or even go for a long drive with your loved ones! The tyres are exposed more than the other parts of the car as it comes into contact with the road, which needs proper maintenance. Generally, the maintenance is done to maximize the lifespan of the tyre. One should maintain the pressure of inflation of the tyre at a recommended level as it helps to make the tyre last longer and durable. With proper inflation pressure in the tyre, you can necessarily give the best performance, safety and less consumption in fuel.

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