Car Battery Hold a Charge

4 Steps to help your car battery hold a charge

When it comes to any automatic device, it’s proper functioning is inevitable. Every part collaborates to offer a seamless functioning for a vehicle. When it comes to heavy vehicles, batteries play a crucial role. Unlike the two-wheelers which can be started with the assistance of manual mode, heavy motor vehicles tend to run when the charge is offered to the motor by the battery.

Batteries are designed to function 24 hours a day or 365 days a year. Unlike Phone batteries, Car batteries are extremely durable and last for about four to seven years. However, that’s for the usual case. There are times when car batteries often fail to function upon several scenarios. In case if your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, here are some tricks to get you started on your way again:

Battery Swap

If you have been running a car from a long time without any kind of servicing, there are likely chances of the battery to be completely worn out. Aged-Worn out batteries are unable to hold a charge and likely dangerous due to their explosive nature. They are likely to damage your other car parts due to their cracks and corrosions.

Automobile experts recommend swapping your batteries every four years. A new battery adds a new life to your trusty vehicle. A new car battery installation also ensures that your car keeps functioning as normal. New batteries are likely to run out of the cell if they are not used regularly. Ensure you keep operating the new batteries once you have them installed.

Weather extreme places like Singapore have better car battery solutions. Swift Battery Specialist offer a unique kind of weather resistance that prevents the batteries from running out of charge so that you kick start your journey smoothly.

Check the lights

Car Headlight

Lighting systems are one of the best ways to determine the status of your car’s battery. They offer the easiest way to check your car battery’s health. To determine your car battery status, turn on the headlights. If they are running on a full brightness mode, your car battery is running as it should. The problem, in this case, could be any other faulty equipment.

Lack of brightness in the headlights shows that your car is out of battery. This is the easiest way to check up on your car battery level. This also lets you check if your car battery is holding its charge. You can also check the same by making use of either stop or parking or interior car lights. Blinking lights are a signature of an unstable battery.

Chemicals or Tools

You are probably aware of this approach if you are a nerd. Mind that this approach can potentially help you in fixing your broken vehicle but is equally dangerous as well. Proceed with caution if you try to attempt this method. Chemicals like Aspirin, Epsom salt or distilled water can save your day. The idea of adding chemicals inside your car battery is to offer it with a necessary set of chemicals which it is lacking. Making specific combinations of these individual chemicals provides lost power to the battery and keeps your car going for some miles.

Another approach is simple but requires a bit of technical approach. This is usually helpful when your car battery is low. Jumper cables or battery boosters effectively help in bringing your dead battery to life by offering necessary charge. Your engine must be kept on when jump-starting your car. Do note that this procedure is only for batteries at normal temperature. Frozen Batteries jump-started using this technique in extreme weathers are most likely to explode so kindly avoid it in such conditions.


Car Charge

Batteries function by the chemicals consumed in them. A battery isn’t always worn out. Sometimes, there are chances of it to be likely out of being out of charge. There are several approaches to resolve this common issue. Keeping the batteries on a midnight charge on a battery tender ensures it keeps on regulating a normal charge across the board. Operating a battery tender is quite simple as well. All you have to do is connect the red and black cables on to your car battery while plugging the other end on to the wall plug.

Battery tender lets you charge your car battery using three different modes: light, recondition and enhanced. The modes let you charge the car battery based on the charge you want to pass upon the battery. This solution is feasible only when your car battery is not suffering from any kind of charging problems. This method can help maintain car batteries in the long run while eliminating the need for a new car battery installation. A regular charge will ensure that the battery will keep functioning as its meant to be.